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  1. Damn, this is ugly.

    To make it clear, I’m not a fan of the InfoWars and of Alex Jones – not even remotely. I dislike Jones and disagree with a lot of what he is saying… which one can expect from a Leftie like me, can’t one?

    Yet I’m a Libertarian Leftie, of a pro-free speech type (so painfully rare this days…). So, I will stand for Jones’ right to honestly say what he thinks – even in the cases when, in my opinion, his thoughts are full of utter nonsense of misguided hostility. This is a matter of principle to me.

    It is also a pragmatic matter for me (and there is no contradiction with its simultaneously being a matter of principle). I understand that the views I support are as hated by the state-corporate establishment as the Jones’ ones. And the acceptability of the InfoWars being censored mean acceptability of the Global Research being censored, CounterPunch being censored, Dissident Voice being censored, etc. I will stand for the Jones’ free speech not only because of my principles, but also because of the clear pragmatic understanding that free speech for my opponents. like Jones, also mean free speech for me and my Liber-Leftie comrades.

    So, if some anti-establishment types of the Leftie-like-me crowd are cheering the gagging are Jones, they profoundly fail to understand that they, themselves, are next in the gagging line. Even if they don’t share my pro-free-speech principles, they should have at least some pragmatic reason to understand that, with the support of the censorship, they are digging their own (informational) grave!

    • And very possibly their REAL grave! After they take away freedom of speech, they take away physical freedom, killing or maiming those who dissent. A random thought: maybe some of the stupid ass shit autocorrect “corrects” is an attempt at censoring as well?

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