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  1. Yes the Truth I have been saying it for years and for years have been attacked by our “nice ” security services . You pay for telling the Truth there is nothing mystical about it ,its the original “raison etre ” of our existence here you either speak it or lie .All Western governments lie only now the lies are beyond the acceptance of even the ordinary citizen in the street . More and more Worldwide they are wakening up to the Truth ,the Truth is=by their actions shall they be known NOT by flowery words coming out of their mouths -IE -we are peace loving -as they prepare for WW 3 with Russia -We are Democratic as they make the poor poorer and the rich richer and make you work for peanuts while millionaires are given tax concessions and become billionaires .Get every citizen in debt as well as their country and charge 1000 % interest for we are the IMF /ECB/etc -run by an elite crowd who want to rule the World and by god if we have to nuke millions so be it.

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