Month: June 2014

The Left-Right Political Spectrum Is Bogus

By Crispin Sartwell The Atlantic The French Estates-General in 1789 (Isidore-Stanislaus Helman via Wikimedia Commons) Americans are more divided than ever by political ideology, as a recent Pew Research Center study makes clear. About a third of people on each side say of the other that its proponents […]

The Rise of the Progressive Puritans

Jason Hurley, an acquaintance from maverick anarchist circles, offers the following insights concerning this article by Matt Walsh. Read Walsh’s article here.  Says Jason: “Matt Walsh, your entire premise is based in medicalized morality. It’s no secret that early doctors and scientists of the developing western world carried […]

NATA-NY’s Anti-Racism

Yes, yes, a thousand times, yes! By J. Cypher NATA-NY Since its inception, NATA-NY has been grossly misunderstood and vehemently attacked for being so-called “racists.” Despite repeatedly demonstrating the ways in which we are anti-racist, we continue to be labeled “nazis” and “fascists.” At the same time, our […]

The Future of the Movement (s)

As much as I criticize it, I’m actually glad to see the rather significant growth of the different anarchist, libertarian, and overlapping tendencies in recent years even if most of them are still at the training wheels phase. It used to be much worse. When I started this, […]

Why Privilege Checking Does Not Suck

By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society Casey Given, in “What’s the Point of Checking Your Privilege?”, questions the relevance or usefulness of the concept of privilege. Not that he questions the existence of racial and gender oppression — far from it. He simply argues that privilege […]

What is Left-Libertarianism?

This piece by Carson is a good discussion of the varying shades of “left-libertarian” philosophy but it also provides a good illustration of the ghettoized thinking many radicals fall into. Take this statement: “To the general public these days, “left-libertarian” is more apt to call to mind a […]

The Bigotry of Anti-Bigotry

Yes, yes, yes! A thousand times, yes! By Dan Sanchez Libertarian Alliance/LewRockwell.Com Left-libertarians who espouse “thick libertarianism” especially like to lump anti-“bigotry” (I’ll explain the scare quotes later) into libertarianism: e.g., anti-racism, anti-sexism, anti-homophobia, etc. The more principled ones are careful to insert the proviso that “libertarian” efforts […]

For Discussion

I agree with Dr. Gabb’s comments concerning this advertisement 100%. The discuss that follows on the Libertarian Alliance blog is also interesting. By Dr. Sean Gabb Libertarian Alliance   I suspect that many of our regulars will need to pause when they see this, to wipe the vomit […]

Sean Gabb on the Iraq Situation

I concur with Sean completely. I first became interested in the anti-imperialist cause through hearing about and reading about the Vietnam War as a kid. As a very young adult, I was involved in opposing the Reagan administration’s war in Central America. When the first Iraq War happened […]

Is America dangerously divided?

By Bruce Stokes CNN Editor’s note: Bruce Stokes is director of global economic attitudes at the Pew Research Center. The views expressed are his own. If you thought that political polarization in America was bad, think again. Because it’s worse than you thought. And if you’re under the […]

Retconning the Revolution

An alternative view to Keith Preston’s Forty Years in the Wilderness. People are rarely struck by trains they see coming. No-one expects to meet their end under the steel wheels of a hundred ton freight engine because no-one seriously believes they could fail to note the approach of […]

School Shootings and Gun Control

There has been a lot of talk about spree killers and gun control with the recent school shooting in Oregon and the rampaging cop killers in Las Vegas, NV and Canada. A few things to remember: The US police state and prison industrial complex incarcerates it’s own citizens […]

Gritty Star Wars

A collection of Star Wars art re-imagines the classic sci-fi story as a gritty TV series with realistic political undertones, exploring the moral ambiguity of military conflict and civil war. Poor kids are conscripted into the Storm Trooper infantry, and rebel insurgents are defectors from the imperial underclass […]

Left Gun Nuts

Rarely have I encountered an article that so vividly illustrates why the bulk of the “progressive” and “social democratic” Left is utterly worthless. The last sentence of this article is telling: “Only then can the Left shift the terrain of struggle away from apocalyptic fantasies of armed insurrection […]

UKIP: The System Works!

I wrote this last week, but then decided I didn’t like it.  However since everyone is talking ’bout UKIP here’s the actual situation. NOTE: Fans of the UKIP “revolution” should watch out for Thursday’s Newark-on-Trent by election, which is a parliamentary election on a first past the post […]