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  1. “There’s always artificial insemination…or cloning.”

    Artificial insemination looks to much like the government interference in the economy. For example healthcare was great in the 1950s and 1960s with Churches, Fraternities etc, then the government comes in and wrecks it. After wrecking healthcare it then comes in with the solution. Artificial Insemination looks very similar a bad ‘government’ solution to problem that was created by technology or personal preferences. So technology family planning or personal preferences create the problem and then claim running in like the knight in shining armor to the rescue. The analogy to state interference in society is hard to ignore. I tend to be sympathetic to some of primitivist’s in their critique of the spirit behind technology, even if I reject their radical ‘solutions.’

    How many women these days want to be living incubators with Family Planning and all that?

    Cloning, if it is possible, has got a ways to go for cloning people.

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