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Child Liberation Movement

By Khadijah Umayyed

I believe that children can divorce themselves from their parents. The argument of “unable to make decisions” is true of half of the witless retards on this planet. I don’t believe in ‘rights’, but I do believe in the presumption of liberty in any coherent justice system. That presumption applies to any social, communicable being that has not deliberately sold himself into slavery (or murdered someone, etc.) There are only two options on children, in my mind:

  1. Children are built out of their parents’ materials, and are therefor property like a slave or a chair. This is not inconsistent with propertarian theory, and would extend indefinitely into the future. Presumably, children would default to self-inheritance upon the death of their parents.
  2. Children, at least ones who have some apparent reasoning and communication skills (it is not necessary that anyone be informed or wise to be at liberty) are utterly free to form and dissolve bonds as any 63 year old rancher would be.

I honestly feel that the decision between the two is logically a toss-up, but practically the second dominates and with good reason. I don’t expect a lot of agreement on this, because Breeders and Moralists are incapable of consistency and critical thought when it comes to kids or sex, but there it is.

I foresee that most communities, even in AnCapistan, would have a long ways to go before they would adopt anything like these norms – perhaps it would be moot by that point due to technological uplift. Yet if I am the King of Jurisprudentia such shall be the law.

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  1. When I was a child I always found myself thinking how unfair, stupid and frustrating was to feel and know that adults considered children to be uncapable of reasoning and thinking. I wanted to say a lot of things that I couldn’t put into words. When I tried to say something worthy or important I was able to feel their predisposition to state what I was saying had no sense or value. Yet, when an adult said what I wanted to said he was praised and his thought was recognized. I knew that was a kind of injustice. I remember very well thinking to myself: “when I grow up, I’ll now how to speak properly and I will now more words so everybody will listen to me. I just need to know how to express my thoughts in a way that is easier for them to understand”.

    Now I’m a young adult. I’ve mature in many ways and also have a lot to learn. But my mind is the same, has been the same and will be the same. Everybody learns, everybody makes mistakes, everybody grows. Even an adult can be as stupid as anyone no matter the age. Even a kid can be as wise as anyone else. Age gave me a more complex language and stronger character, but at the core, I’m still myself.

    As humanity we have had revolutions all over the world. Revolutions that change our societies, our principles, our minds. To ban monarchy, to ban slavery, no ban racisim, to ban sexual repression, to ban misoginy. I dream in a world where children will have their own revolution. They will stand for themselves, they wil unite, they will organized, they will speak, they will act. The most important revolutions of all. The one that will change society and civilization to its deepest core. The one that will raise even God eyebrows. The most unthinkable and radical revolution of all. Children revolution.

    I think it’s too early for this to happen. But never assume that nobody thought about it. The seed will grow. It will happen. When is impossible to say. But I’m sure it will be the last and biggest social change we will see. It may sound strange, even for me as I lay this words. That’s proof that it’s too early. This idea will be thought, each time more and more. It will make people akward. It will be toss aside as nonsense. But it will keep growing. Until each time the mind starts failing to deny it. The lack of arguments against it will tear apart by their own. Until it will become inevitable.

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