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  • Anarchist ~ Patriot ~ Militia Movement Alliance Flag (Concept Design)
    Anarchist ~ Patriot ~ Militia Movement Alliance Flag
    Flag design by Gabriel Brown
    The main symbol of this flag is the Tree with grass roots on a local level while the rest reflect historical revolutionary tradition which formulated the United States tradition for defending a first amendment or a 2nd amendment and individual liberty so forth.

    The flag layout was originally based on several flag layouts in history.

    This flag design overall was borrowed from the flag used by the Principality of Zeon from the Mobile Suit Gundam Series which is an animated science fiction show that came out of japan in 1979. The flag that the Principality of Zeon is based on was one used by the 3rd Reich during the 1930s ~ 1940s but has since been configured differently to reflect something different. The flag was reconfigured to reflect the sort of flags you recall seeing throughout Europe in the 1600 or 1700s that would have multiple icons, colors, laid out on each corner of the flag’s overall look.

    Flag layout reference ideas.

    It is an overall incorporation of American Patriot ~ Militia Movement symbolism mixed in with Anarcho colors and images that American Traditional Values and the principles of anarchy have many similarities if not overlapping themes regarding individual liberty and freedom against oppressive statist forms of government.

    I designed this flag as the Anarcho ~ Patriot ~ Militia Movement Alliance as a way to bring 2 similar ideas of thinking together as an alliance opposed to the oppressive globalization that intends to foster in a world government under a New World Order where no one will be free and all no matter who they are will forever be enslaved.

    As for the meanings behind all 4 corners of the flag

    On the upper Lefhand Side, that particular aspect of the flag represents the true American flag during the battle of Bunker Hill with a III% symbol incorporated as a representative of the III% of the population who fight against impossible odds. The read boarder around that represents the original colors of that particular flag used at Bunker Hill.

    On the Upper Right Hand Side, is the traditional Gadsden Flag incorporated with the Anarcho-Capitalist or Free-Market idea of Anarchist thinking and a Voluntarism V symbol. The Blue represents Anarcho-Conservative with the concept of conserving the values of liberty on and individualist level. Clearly the idea of “Don’t Tread On Me is to retain the one’s sovereignty.

    On the Bottom Right Hand side, you have a representation of the old Gonzalez Flag of 1834 incorporated with the modern firearm that you see more and more in the Patriot ~ Militia Movement. The Green boarder represents Anarcho-Primitivist ideas of localized community fused together with modern means of self defense and self determination in a pro-militia of the local autonomous community.

    The Bottom Left Hand side represents Mutualist idea of people within the community helping one another mutually just as our founders mutually pledge to each other their Lives, their Fortunes, and their sacred Honor to one another in the feudal tradition of loyalty to those within the community rather then it being economically speaking.

    The A incorporates these Anarchist ideas throughout the flag alongside American traditional symbolism and by incorporating a white A and white boarder, a policy of non-aggression toward others is assumed since white tends to be associated with peace of pacifism. Granted a non-aggressions position is stated, on the bottom right hand side a position of self defense is made clear and by the upper right hand statement not to tread on me with your aggression of violence toward our community as a reminder that mutual respect is given to those who mutually respect you.

    The Tree in the middle represents the grassroots of the people that make up the community or nation. The people are the nation so thus the grassroots of people gathered together to create community is emphasized within the tree.

    And actually if you look at it, both Patriot and Anarchist imagry are essentially equaled out to one another rather then one particular theme exclusively controlling the boundaries of flag over another. Colors making up the majority of the Anarchist aspects to the flag while using traditional symbolism of 3 important flags within the patriot ~ militia movement meshed together just as equally.

    If your trying to single out an image or icon as being the main focus, throughout the 4 corners, you loose your focus on the overall bigger picture of why it would be a Anarcho ~ Patriot ~ Militia Alliance flag. The main icon is the tree in the middle beyond the 4 corners so the tree should retain the most focus which is why it is in the middle of the flag and not off to the side like all the other icons are. Those other icons make up the grassroots of liberty at the very bottom of the tree itself but through the combined efforts of all those separate movements in a confederation of mutual respect, creates strength strong enough to face the sort of tyranny we all face together.

    Perhaps you may think there is too much detail on this flag layout but if you understand the purpose of the overall details and reference to symbolism used on the design you then understand that the details are side points to the overall bigger picture.

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