Bare Chest Equality… Elsewhere

Recently a group of women in New York City (who apparently believe that space aliens visited their French leader – that is a bizarre story in itself) rallied for what they call ‘bare chest equality.’ Essentially, they want the right to go topless in public. And men in New York are not exactly lining up to fight this strange new front in the relentless march towards equality and sameness. In fact, crowds of people gathered around to stare and take pictures of the female protesters. To add another level of strangeness to the story, women already have the right to go topless in New York City, as the story linked below notes. What the women actually want is for communities and governments elsewhere to enact ‘bare chest equality.’ In essence, what these protesters want is to tell people elsewhere what to do. In addition to their apparent opposition to decentralisation and diversity (though they would no doubt take issue with that second charge), there is also the totalitarian humanist aspect to the story. Does this protest strike one as something engaged in by working class women, struggling to make a living? Not hardly. This has the definite odor of the sort of past-time enjoyed by upper-middle class professional activists who support imposing political-correctness on the world. These are not oppressed women.

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