Harley Flanagan, Cro-Mags Founder, Goes on Stabbing and Biting Rampage

By Abel Folger

News sources have been reporting on Cro-Mags founder and bassist, Harley Flanagan, going on an inspired stabbing and biting melee in the VIP area of the Webster Hall during the CBGB Festival this past July 6. The 42-year old punk rocker, MMA enthusiast, and Krishna follower supposedly gained access to the VIP section of the venue with his CBGB pass that he was entitled to use thanks in part to a panel discussion he had been a part of the day prior.

All this PMA allegedly stems from his exclusion from performing with the Cro-Mags during this particular festival and to try and explain how this band has juggled lineups since its inception in 1981 would be far too long-winded for these digital pages. We can just assume that at this moment, Flanagan is probably not getting along with John Joseph and that only one version of the Cro-Mags is performing.

The two victims of Flanagan’s attack are William Berario who received a cut above his eye as well as bites on the face (Bath salts? Weed? Cannibalism du jour?) and current Cro-Mags bass player, Michael “The Gook” Couls. Coincidence? Hmmm…

Before we look at some videos of Flanagan’s better moments, consider the following quote from a Flipside Magazine interview: “It’s funny though, even Roger from Agnostic Front recently told me getting into the Krsnas at that time was probably the best thing that could have happened to me. Cause I definitely would have wound up dead or in jail; I was just getting into too many fights and doing too many drugs and shit. I was definitely nuts as a kid.”

Still nuts as an adult, bro. In any case, the show which also featured Sick of it All was canceled and by all eyewitness accounts, club security was able to contain this incident before it escalated to early ’80s hardcore violence proportions. Flanagan has always seemed a little off and now, facing two counts of second degree assault and weapons charges, he’ll have plenty of time to meditate on the age of quarrel.

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  1. I never ever liked Harley, but exactly what this has to do with ATS I wouldn’t know. I have a great dislike for NYHC in the first place, especially Agnostic Front who garnished complaints last time they played my town recently.

    Although I should say it’s ironic that Harley came from a hippy/beatnik family. One of my old friends from the punk scene (well I hate to namedrop but it was actually John Schoen, later of psychedelic-noise group Pengo and now has a solo project called Licker…) saw the Cro-Mags early on in NYC and he got to meet Harley’s mother, who talked to him about Harry Smith and many of the other Avant-Garde figures of the area.

  2. “exactly what this has to do with ATS I wouldn’t know.”

    LOL! We need a “news of the weird” section just for this kind of stuff so we can draw in the supermarket tabloid audience.

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