The New USA? Secession Movement Gains Steam Reply

By David Brody

CBN News

GREELEY, Colo. — If you mention the word “secession” most people think of the South during the Civil War. But today, a new movement is gaining steam because of frustration over a growing, out-of-control federal government.

A number of conservative, rural Americans are taking about seceding and creating their own states, meaning a new map of the United States of America could include the following:

  • A 51st state called Jefferson, made up of Northern California and Southern Oregon
  • A new state called Western Maryland
  • A new state called North Colorado

These are real movements gaining traction with voters across the country. Jeffrey Hare runs the 51st State Initiative in Colorado, an effort to fight an out-of-control legislature trying to ram big government policies down the throats of voters.

“We’re at this point of irreconcilable differences,” Hare told CBN News.

Secessionist talk has filled town hall meetings and the divide discussed is not just ideological.

“It’s predominately left versus right, but it’s urban versus rural because you typically find more typical conservative values in rural America,” Hare said.


Silicon Valley’s Secessionist Movement Is Growing Reply

By Kevin Roose

New York Magazine

A rendering of San Francisco’s SoMa district, circa 2080.

Last week, I wrote about one Silicon Valley investor’s excited response to the government shutdown, a response sparked by his belief that “stasis in the government is actually good for all of us.” It was an extraordinary statement, it seemed to me, not only because it ignored the very real damage the government’s gridlock was doing to normal, non-wealthy people all over the country, but because it revealed a broader ideological shift among certain members of the technological elite, from political apathy to active anti-government hostility.


Secession movement in New York pushes for Big Apple to split from Upstate Reply

By Valerie Richardson

Washington Times

When Frank Sinatra sang “New York, New York,” he may have been on to something.

A movement is afoot to split New York into two regions — upstate and downstate — to acknowledge the gaping philosophical differences and improve representation.

“I’ve lived in New York all my life, and upstate and downstate have two different philosophies of life,” said John Bergener, an Albany County resident and organizer of the two New Yorks effort. “And it seems like they’re always in conflict.”

Campaigns for “secession” or a 51st state have been on the rise since the 2012 presidential election — see California, Colorado and Maryland — but the New York movement has a twist.

Instead of splitting New York into two distinct states, advocates want one state controlled by two autonomous regional governments.


Indivisibility? 10

The consequences of mistaking the divisible for the indivisible or Moscow next Tuesday

It’s hard to ignore the blatant contradictions and rank hypocrisy of the “Free World ™” exposed by the Ukrainian Crisis.  Indeed if the goal of Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation was to demonstrate the gap between the stated values and actions of The West then its difficult to imagine how they might better have succeeded.  The spectacle of Western politicians gravely denouncing interference in “sovereign” nation’s affairs, while they themselves are openly engaged in exactly that all over the planet, is sickening to anyone who has any regard for integrity.  The horror expressed by the establishment of the West over the use of force to pursue geo-political aims when they have used precisely that routinely and systematically for at least two decades marks them out as the most shameless of hypocrites.  What can be said which would do justice to the contradiction between the West’s position on The Crimea’s unalterable status as a Ukrainian province (it was made part of it in 1954) and its actions in “liberating” Kosovo from Serbia (of which it had been an integral part for eight centuries)?  More…

Can aristocracy and its feudal roots offer a prospect and model for secessionist solutions to the present crisis in Britain? Reply

By John Kersey

Libertarian Alliance

A functioning aristocracy is fundamental to a traditionally-based society, and its structures and concepts have greatly influenced the development of the British nation over the centuries. In this paper, I intend, while showing some of the difficulties that have come to occupy the British aristocracy today, to consider whether the aristocracy as a class may be useful to our nation in firstly seeking to challenge the prevailing structures of the state and secondly offering us a model and structure for a projected traditionalist replacement of it.

Why secessionism?

This paper is written from a secessionist perspective. It addresses both partial secessionist or regionalist solutions, and also explores a limited number of total secessionist solutions. In doing so, it is concerned with secessionism on the basis of geographical regions that form a part of Great Britain, and is not concerned with secession that is not based upon the ownership of land and that therefore applies solely to a non-geographically constituted individual (sovereign individualism) or group.

This paper adopts a secessionist perspective because it recognizes the following conditions to apply:


Bitcoin Against the System: An Interview with M.K. Lords 2

Attack the System
Bitcoin Against the System: An Interview with M.K. Lords

January 29, 2014

Keith Preston interviews Bitcoin and counter-economics activist M. K. Lords.

Topics include:

  • How Bitcoins can be used to bypass the warfare state and assist with social justice issues such as homelessness.
  • The Ron Paul campaigns as a transition to more radical forms of libertarianism.
  • Subversive concepts such as agorism, counter-economics, and crypto-anarchy.
  • Gender roles and the cultural divide among anarchists and libertarians.
  • Educating the public on knowing their rights during encounters with the police.
  • The increasing repression of the poor as class divisions widen.
  • Why it is futile to regard the state as a means to social justice.
  • Obamacare as a means of creating a monopolistic insurance cartel on the model of the corporate media monopoly.

M.K. Lords is an activist, writer, and fire dancer. She edits and contributes regularly at Bitcoin Not Bombs and also writes for Young Voices. Her work has been featured in Bitcoin Magazine. Her activism emphasizes direct action and agorist methods of building the counter-economy. You can get in touch on twitter @mklords, Facebook M.K. Lords, and view her writings at Bitcoin Not Bombs.

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After This Year’s Mess, Small Is More Beautiful Than Ever Reply

By Kirkpatrick Sale

There is one and only one conclusion that I should think everyone alive during this last year of sequester and shutdown and gridlock and Obamacare, and unprecedented government intrusion, would come to is this: the government we have in this country is too incompetent, inept, corrupt, wasteful, and inefficient, too centralized,  undemocratic, unjust, and invasive, and too unresponsive to the needs of individual citizens and small communities, and all because it is too big.  Simple as that.
The reason that more of us don’t come to it is that as a nation we have long been fixated on the value of bigness, size, super-this and colossal-that, immensity, bulk, quantity, greatness, Big Macs, Whoppers, Green Giant, big-box stores, king-size mattresses, global trade, mass production, mcmansions, high rises, double-wides—and the smallest olive size is jumbo.  We’re just not trained to see things in terms of scale, proportion, adequacy, appropriateness.  As a nation we killed nearly a million of our own people to reinforce the value of oneness and largeness, and to punish the idea of division and separateness.

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The anti-Southern vote in Virginia 4

Southern Nationalist Network

Conservative candidate Ken Cuccinelli won the vast majority of Virginia but lost Black urban centres, the DC suburbs and areas with large numbers of foreigners

Ken Cuccinelli won the vast majority of Virginia but lost Black urban centres, the DC suburbs and areas with large numbers of immigrants

A recent article in The Washington Post by Luz Lazo and Debbi Wilgorn makes the point that Third World immigrants in Virginia sided with Federal Government employees and Black voters to elect New York Leftist Terry McAuliffe governor of the Commonwealth despite winning only small, densely populated areas. Conservative Ken Cuccinelli won the vast majority of Virginia geographically, losing only largely Black urban areas, the Washington, DC suburbs and areas heavily populated by foreigners. Furthermore, the article points out that it was a sense of group solidarity and support for more immigration that drove the vote of immigrants. They were specifically appealed to in Spanish-language television ads by the McAuliffe campaign that demonised Cuccinelli. The Hispanic nationalist group La Raza was extremely active in Virginia on behalf of McAuliffe. More…

Oath Keepers Forming Militia Cells to Prepare for Triggered Collapse 1


These are perhaps the most interesting times in the United States since the Civil War. After President Obama’s re-election in 2012, residents from every state petitioned for secession, with the movement garnering significant traction in at least seven states. And, a growing number of whistleblowers have risked their own freedom, most notably Edward Snowden, to expose government abuses.


Some rural Americans pursue secession from the Union Reply


In this 1941 San Francisco Chronicle photo, secession advocates in northern California control the “border” to a proposed state of Jefferson. The old idea resurfaced recently, when commissioners in Siskiyou County voted to pursue forming their own state.
In this 1941 San Francisco Chronicle photo, secession advocates in northern California control the “border” to a proposed state of Jefferson. The old idea resurfaced recently, when commissioners in Siskiyou County voted to pursue forming their own state.

Matt L. Barron

October 8, 2013

When I hear the word “secession,” I tend to think of the Confederacy. But today, a new secession movement is taking root, and it is not Blue vs. Gray but rather rural against urban.

Across the nation from Michigan’s Upper Peninsula to the Maryland panhandle to northern Colorado and northern California there is growing secessionist movement in rural areas that feel a deep geographic, cultural and political disconnection from their states’ increasingly urban power centers.

Towards a World Without the United States Reply

Thierry Meyssan

n these columns, Thierry Meyssan has often explained the internal contradictions of the United States in order to emphasize the manner in which they would break up. In this article, he ponders the impact of two events which are likely to start the decomposition process.

Voltaire Network | Damascus (Syria) | 16 October 2013

JPEG - 31.1 kb

The American Empire is the hypertrophied remains of two players in the Cold War. The Soviet Union is gone, but the U.S. is still there and has taken advantage of the absence of competitors to monopolize global power.


Is Red State America Seceding? Reply

By Pat Buchanan

In the last decade of the 20th century, as the Soviet Empire disintegrated so, too, did that prison house of nations, the USSR.

Out of the decomposing carcass came Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova, all in Europe; Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in the Caucasus; and Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan in Central Asia.

Transnistria then broke free of Moldova, and Abkhazia and South Ossetia fought free of Georgia.

Yugoslavia dissolved far more violently into the nations of Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Kosovo.

The Slovaks seceded from Czechoslovakia. Yet a Europe that plunged straight to war after the last breakup of Czechoslovakia in 1938 and 1939 this time only yawned. Let them go, all agreed.

The spirit of secession, the desire of peoples to sever ties to nations to which they have belonged for generations, sometimes for centuries, and to seek out their own kind, is a spreading phenomenon.


Leopold Kohr: The first anarcho-pluralist/pan-secessionist? Reply

By Paul Kingsnorth


Illustration by Andrzej Krauze

Living through a collapse is a curious experience. Perhaps the most curious part is that nobody wants to admit it’s a collapse. The results of half a century of debt-fuelled “growth” are becoming impossible to convincingly deny, but even as economies and certainties crumble, our appointed leaders bravely hold the line. No one wants to be the first to say the dam is cracked beyond repair.


Another Northern California county votes to secede from state 1

FOX News


FILE: This image shows the California Pines subdivision, located about 35 miles southwest of Alturas, Calif.AP

A second far Northern California county has voted to secede from the state after Modoc County supervisors voted 4-0 in favor of secession.

The vote on Friday comes just weeks after neighboring Siskiyou County voted for secession, according to the Record Searchlight of Redding.


Detroit’s Anarcho-Progressive Homesteaded Community Reply

By Karen De Coster

This is a fascinating video about a progressive-anarcho “grassroots movement” community in Detroit near 7 Mile and Woodward, called Fireweed Universal City. The “about” page reads:

Fireweed Universe-City is a grassroots, not-for-profit movement to transform a devastated, burned-out Detroit city neighborhood into a sustainable, eco-friendly, intentional community that will be the grounds for urban farming, residential and creative space for artists, healers, musicians, and like-minded, forward-thinking, progressive individuals, families, small businesses, and the surrounding community already in place.

It is a community of self-actualization where individuals are expected to contribute and live honestly, and those who don’t are eventually shunned. They live off the grid for the most part, with only minimal services. They homestead abandoned buildings, applying their love and labor to make the structures functional and livable. They do accept donations to help them rebuild the abandoned structures. They also run a neighborhood bicycle collective and use vacant lots for urban farming.


So why isn’t anyone working on an anarchist town? 27

White Supremacists Making Bid to Take Over North Dakota Town
Ryan Lenz on August 22, 2013

LEITH, N.D. –– Abandoned houses lean with the weight of years on city blocks connected by gravel roads. A grain elevator still operates on the edge of town, but it hasn’t seen good business in decades. The only storefront business is a bar, and on most afternoons it sits empty like the roads that disappear among sunflower and wheat fields in the distance.

While the economy in North Dakota has boomed in recent years due to the discovery of oil in the miles of shale beneath the state, business in Leith has been in decline for the better part of a century. So when officials in April 2012 noticed that one man was quickly buying up abandoned properties in what had become close to a ghost town high on the Great Plains, it was strange.