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Stuart Christie, 1946-2020

The English anarchist who tried to assassinate Francisco Franco. There were actually factions on both sides of the Spanish Civil War for which I have some degree admiration, such as the anarchists on the Left and the Carlists on the Right. Although the anarchists could often be a […]

History of the Communist Front

This is an old document that was prepared by the California state government back in the 1950s during the height of the Cold War. It predictably contains the usual hysteria of the time but the description it provides of Marxist-Leninist organizational strategies and tactics is largely accurate. Take […]

Wall Street and FDR

Both Marxists and radical libertarians like  Antony Sutton pointed out how Roosevelt was not a “traitor to his class” but a friend of the power elite who wished to preserve the position of the ruling class against insurgent populist, labor, farmer, socialist, communist, and fascist movements that were […]

Is Death Squad America on the Way?

“A Latino friend of mine pointed out today that what we are seeing in Portland is a light version of CIA operations in El Salvador, Columbia, Chile and other Latin American countries in the 70s and 80s. The US propped up dictators and organized coups. The US helped […]

Interview: Aleksey Bashtavenko on Russia

Todd Lewis is joined by Keith Preston to interview Aleksey Bashtavenko, a Russian expatriate about his thoughts on Russia and global politics. A great critique of American culture and politics is contained in this, along with an examination of the retrograde character of Bolshevism and a debunking of […]

Do American Indians Celebrate the 4th of July?

Some do, some don’t.  Stereotypes, while sometimes rooted in fact, also contain many, many variations. My maternal grandmother’s father was Cherokee, and their family was Methodist. I’ve personally known Native Americans whose politics ranged from far-left anarchist to conservative Republican, to admiration for George Lincoln Rockwell’s American Nazi […]

A Statue of Hatuey

By Don Fitz If you look at a US $20 bill, you might notice Andrew Jackson nervously watching statues of Columbus and Robert E. Lee coming down and wondering if his face is going to disappear from currency.  As Democrats ponder which militarist they wish to glorify in […]

Why the Rich are Revolting

This article discusses the very important point that authoritarian/leftist revolutions are always carried out by the left-wing of the upper middle class almost as a matter of general historical law. Revolts can come from any layer of society. Historically, there have have revolts by slaves, peasants, workers, ethnic […]

Major Theories Of History From The Greeks To Marxism

The Blue Tribe/Red Tribe conflict is essentially a religious conflict. The Blue Tribe is a religious coalition of adherents of the neo-pagan, Enlightenment-derived religion of reason, progress, and human perfectibility, various forms of “progressive” Christianity, and secularized neo-Christianity (like Marxism). The Red Tribe is a coalition of adherents […]

The Progressive Theory of History

Murray Rothbard on one of the more problematic features of left-wing thought. By Murray Rothbard Mises Institute [Excerpted from an edited transcript of “Ideology and Theories of History,” the first in a series of six lectures on the history of economic thought, given in 1986.] The Whig theory […]

How the Constitution Was Indeed Pro-Slavery

From 2015. Not only is the Constitution “pro-slavery” it presupposes the existence of slavery as a legitimate institution. Many mainstream liberal and conservative pundits/scholars alike try to get around this by claiming that the Constitution is somehow an abolitionist document because they don’t like the political and cultural […]

The Theory of Satyagraha: Mahathma Gandhi

    Gandhi: Politics, Economics and the Backlash By Keith Preston Gandhi as Spiritual Godfather of the Indian Independence Movement Critics of Gandhi and the Conservative Hindu Backlash Early Life and the Beginnings of Gandhi’s Radicalism Mohandas K. Gandhi originated from India’s business caste and grew up amidst […]

Millet (Ottoman Empire)

In the Ottoman Empire, a millet was a separate legal court pertaining to “personal law” under which a confessional community was allowed to rule itself under its own system. After the Ottoman Tanzimat reforms, the term was used for legally protected religious minority groups, similar to the way […]