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The Greek City-States – Ancient History

Like most anarchists, I am very interested in historic examples of anarchist, quasi-anarchist, or otherwise stateless communities and territories, including the usual examples like Catalonia, Ukraine, Shimnin, Strandzha, Iceland, Baja, Chiapas, Rojava, Slab City, etc. But a problem with these kinds of examples is that most of them […]

Lebanon’s confusing civil war

Think of all the groups involved in street clashes in the US today. Three percenters, Boogaloos, Proudboys, BLM, Antifa, Marxists, “anarcho-” Marxists, militias, anti-lockdown protestors, MAGAists, SJWs, Oathkeepers, Red Guards, Redneck Revolt, Patriot Prayer, etc. Imagine all of them with weapons engaging in urban guerrilla with dozens of […]


At some point, the US will likely have to convert to a consociational system in order to avoid complete fragmentation. In fact, I suspect the ruling class will eventually come to see such a system as a possible alternative to the dissolution of the mother country of the […]

Seeing Like an Anarchist

By Jesse Walker Reason Maroon Nation: A History of Revolutionary Haiti, by Johnhenry Gonzalez, Yale University Press, 302 pages, $40 “In media and popular consciousness, Haiti has become identified with hunger,” Johnhenry Gonzalez observes in Maroon Nation. But in the 19th century, after the revolution that drove out the […]

The Worst Purges Come From the Right

One of the problems with “movement conservatism” of the Buckley-Goldwater-Reagan axis was that it was never anything more than a means of providing ideological cover for the military-industrial-complex and American empire-builders, which is why the isolationists have always been the main group that has been unwelcome in “conservative” […]