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How Not to Do It

By William S. Lind Traditional Right The protestors who took over the aptly-named Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Burns, Oregon have garnered a fair amount of conservative empathy. Their issue, the Federal government’s ownership of vast tracts of western land, is a legitimate one. As a story in […]

The Karma of Terror

By William T. Hathaway Terrible terrorists are killing our soldiers in their countries and killing us here at home. How can we stop them? The answer is simple: Stop terrorizing them. We started this war. What we do to others comes back on us. In addition to centuries […]

Violence instead of democracy: Putin slams ‘policies of exceptionalism and impunity’ in UN speech

Russia Today The export of so-called ‘democratic’ revolutions has continued, but has unleashed poverty and violence instead of the triumph of democracy, Russian President Vladimir Putin said addressing the UN General Assembly. Attempts to push for changes in other countries based on ideological preferences have led to “tragic […]

Keith Preston: US, Russia tensions over Syria can escalate into confrontation

Press TV. Listen here: The United States and Russia are pursuing “polar opposite objectives” in Syria which can lead to a serious military confrontation between the two powers, an American political analyst based in Virginia says. Keith Preston, the chief editor and director of, made the remarks in […]

Murray Bookchin and the Kurdish Resistance

By Joris Leverink Roar Mag Bookchin’s municipalist ideas, once rejected by communists and anarchists alike, have now come to inspire the Kurdish quest for democratic autonomy. The introduction to the new book The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies and the Promise of Direct Democracy (Verso, 2015), explains how Murray Bookchin – born […]

Will the Real Military Please Stand Up?

It appears that the state’s military is gradually being hollowed out from the inside while being demoralized with perpetual failed wars. As revolutionary anarchists, out ambition should be the establishment of Hezbollah and PKK model fourth generation militias that eventually surpass the state’s military forces. By William S. […]

The Kurds are Crowdfunding a Revolution

By all means, donate. By Jennifer Baker Revolution-News.Com After 134 days of intense fights against ISIS, the Kurdish city of Kobanê is under reconstruction. An international solidarity movement is now using crowdfunding as a tool to support of the so-called ’Rojava Revolution’. Initiatives to rebuild Kobanê, a secular […]

Anarchy Lives: Rojava

By Julia Tourianksi Brave New World There is place where sex, creed and ethnicity do not harbor division. A place where everyone is military trained so that having a police force becomes obsolete. A place where civilian females, instead of asking for permission, instead of waiting for outside help, have […]

Libya, Iraq’s Oil Being Plundered

A documentary from PressTV featuring commentary from yours truly. Watch the documentary here. The EU ambassador to Iraq accuses European countries of purchasing oil from ISIL terrorists. European countries are unwittingly funding the ISIL terror campaign by buying oil from ISIL-controlled oil fields, including those in Iraq. Reports […]

Is ISIS Coming to Damascus?

By Pat Buchanan Antiwar.Com That question, which has bedeviled U.S. experts on the Middle East, may need updating to read: Who rises when Assad falls? For the war is going badly for Bashar Assad, whose family has ruled Syria since Richard Nixon was president. Assad’s situation seems more […]

An Interview with William S. Lind

There are some good nuggets in this. Listen to the interview at Traditional Right. As an anarchist, I am sometimes asked why I am interested in the work of “right-wing reactionaries” such as Lind, an unreconstructed Hapsburg monarchist. First of all, it’s not a terrible idea to be […]

How ISIS Plans to Sack Rome

PJMedia.Com An ISIS e-book on how to accomplish their caliphate goal of sacking Rome stresses enlisting “the Islamic State’s secret weapon = secret white converts” to take on Italy. Much of the book, “Black Flags from Rome,” is dedicated to laying out a case for why Muslims in […]