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Tucker: Media ignore victims to the riots

Regrettably, wars produce casualties. The present situation is not yet a conventional civil war, but it is more than simply a series of riots or a crime wave. It is a genuine insurrection, albeit one that is largely spontaneous, decentralized, and uncoordinated which is both an advantage and […]

Stock market soars as America burns

As I said in the previous post, current events are no skin off the ass of the ruling class whatsoever. If the stock market is soaring, they’re happy. My guess is that the power elite probably sees the insurrection as an exaggerated sports riot, as opposed to a […]

The Coming Crime Wars

An article on the rise of fourth-generation warfare. By Robert Muggah and John P. Sullivan Foreign Policy Wars are on the rebound. There are twice as many civil conflicts today, for example, as there were in 2001. And the number of nonstate armed groups participating in the bloodshed is multiplying. According to […]

An Anarchist Defense Force?

Matthew VanDyke is the founder of Sons of Liberty International, a security firm that advises, trains, and supplies vulnerable populations to defend themselves against terrorists. He is preparing for an independent mission to Iraq during which he’ll train Iraqis to fight back against the Islamic State. History NOW […]

Getting Grand Strategy Wrong

By William S. Lind Traditional Right One of the iron laws of warfare is that a higher level dominates a lower. You can be brilliant tactically, but if you are defeated operationally, you lose. You can win tactically and operationally, but if you get beaten strategically, you lose. […]


Anarcho-Dictator Instead of a Blog If you don’t like what we tell you to believe in we’ll kill ya. – Misquotation of G. W. Bush After 9/11 a lot of ‘terrorism’ think-tankery poured out of academia and media, most of which was totally garbage. Atheologians and Objectivists wrote […]

The Hezbollah Model Wins

The model that all anarchists and anti-statists need to be studying. One of our objectives should be to develop non-state political and militia confederations that will usurp many of the functions currently provided by states, with the goal of eventually superseding states. By William S. Lind Traditional Right […]

No, It’s Not about “Globalism vs. Nationalism”

It’s about globalism/globalization vs non-state actors. Some thoughts on the present political polarization, geopolitical rivalries, the G20, and “populist-nationalism.” The present political polarization represents an effort by the various factions of the ruling class attempting to create constituencies for themselves. Most of the mainstream media represents the dominant […]