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Stepping Back from the Brink

A good discussion of the present situation by fourth-generation warfare theorist Bill Lind. As the discussion thread following this article indicates, more and more I am seeing people on “both sides” (although there are actually dozens of “sides”) saying of their opponents, “But they want to kill us!” […]

Domestic Terrorism and the U.S. Elections

By Brian Michael Jenkins, RAND Corporation The country is deeply divided. The political system is polarized. Bizarre conspiracy theories have entered mainstream political discourse. There seem to be messaging efforts designed to delegitimize next month’s elections. The president refuses to say that he will abide by the results. […]

Preventing Electoral Violence

About 1 in 5 elections around the world turns violent. Increasingly aware of the risk of strife presented by elections in countries affected by conflict, governments and civil society need more effective approaches to prevent election-related violence. The U.S. Institute of Peace conducts research, training and fieldwork to […]

Facebook readying ‘break-glass’ tools to restrict content if violence erupts after election

By Joey Garrison and Jessica Guynn, USA Today WASHINGTON — Facebook executives said Tuesday the social media company is ready to implement “break-glass measures” to restrict content on its platforms if civil unrest and violence erupt following the Nov. 3 presidential election. The preparations come as Facebook has taken more aggressive steps […]

Fourth Generation War Comes to a Theater Near You

A comprehensive fourth-generation warfare analysis of the present situation from a paleoconservative perspective. By William S. Lind Chronicles Mobs loot, burn, and vandalize while politicians advocate defunding the police. A commune was established in Seattle and turned into Lord of the Flies while government did nothing. Blacks demand equal treatment from […]

Biden and Trump Are Both Right on Antifa

If there is one truism about Americans, it is that Americans do everything half-assed. American fascists are half-assed fascists. American communists are half-assed communists. American religious fundamentalists are half-assed fundamentalists. American anarchists are half-assed anarchists. Groups like Antifa or BLM are rookie leaguers compared to insurrectionary groups in […]

Gun Ownership by State

CBS News Do you own a gun? Would you ever consider owning one? The United States is split into thirds on that subject. Just under 30% of American adults currently own a gun. A little more than a third say they might own one in the future, and the […]

Breonna Taylor protest updates: Golf balls thrown at Louisville protesters, L.A. protester hit with officer’s riot shield

Combat American-style. By Joshua Bote, Matt Mencarini and N’dea Yancey-Bragg USA TODAY NETWORK LOUISVILLE, Ky. – Protesters demanding justice for Breonna Taylor continued to flood cities throughout the United States, three days after a grand jury declined to indict three officers directly connected to Taylor’s death. In Louisville, 22 […]

Maneuver Warfare and What Comes Next

Fourth-generation warfare is growing in America. By William S. Lind Traditional Right The September 2020 issue of the Marine Corps Gazette announced a series of articles titled The Maneuverist Papers and offers the first, “Marine Corps Maneuver Warfare: The Historical Context,” by “Marinus”, whose initials I suspect are […]

The Ruling Class Strikes Back

I disagree with aspects of the ideological flavor reflected in this article. But its core thesis seems to be cogent enough. A multi-dimensional insurrection (consisting of distinct but overlapping sectors such as the lumpenproletariat, middle-class radicals, ordinary hooligans, the far left, and sectors of the far right) is […]