Prison Gang Member Suspected in Murder of Prison Chief Reply

211 Crew, supremacist group, involved in high-profile crimes

Evan Ebel

The man now the focus of the probe into the high-profile murder of prisons chief Tom Clements is a member of the 211 Crew, officials say.

Evan Ebel, 28, is not the first member of the white-supremacist prison gang to make headlines. The 211 Crew has been at the center of multiple high-profile crimes in Colorado.


Colorado Department of Corrections Chief Shot Dead Reply

Huffington Post

Tom Clements (AP Photo/Colorado Department of Corrections)

MONUMENT, Colo. — Colorado’s top state prison official was shot and killed when he answered the front door of his house, and police are searching for the gunman and trying to figure out if the attack had anything to do with his position.

Authorities are also looking for a dark-colored “boxy” car seen near the house of Tom Clements, 58, when he was shot around 8:30 p.m. Tuesday in Monument, north of Colorado Springs. The vehicle’s engine was running and a witness reported seeing one person driving away in the car.


Peril from ‘patriots’ Reply

The LA Times is pissed.

GunsDemonstrators rally outside the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. to assert their right to own firearms and to denounce recent gun-control efforts. (Tim Roske / Associated Press / January 19, 2013)

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Farrakhan Urges Black Americans to Collectively Purchase Land, Use Gangs As Militias Reply

If only all leaders of resistance movements had the level of competence and vision as this man.

The Blaze

The Minister Louis Farrakhan, 79, delivered his annual Saviors’ Day sermon on Sunday. As is usually the case, the three-hour address covered a variety of topics ranging from current events to the faith leader’s contentious views on race relations. Of particular note was an economic plan he posited — one in which African Americans would come together to invest in land — and a pledge to reach out to gang leaders to ask them for assistance in protecting the Nation of Islam’s interests.


Stockpiling Arms To Overthrow the Government Reply

This article unintentionally gets to the point. This is why I am pro-Second Amendment. I don’t give a damn about hunting or burglars. I hate the NRA as much as most liberals do. Most conservative gun rights advocates are also cop-loving, flag-waving jingoists. Fuck ’em. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is for the final showdown with the System.

“Wonder if gun advocates would be so blithe about asserting this interpretation of the Second Amendment if it were being advanced by, say, black separatists or animal rights ultras or Native Americans demanding their land back?”

No problem here.

Washington Monthly

Kudos to National Review’s Kevin Williamson for coming right out and articulating the “conservative” (for once the quote marks are truly necessarily) perspective that is usually left just beneath the surface of the GOP’s and the gun lobby’s position on regulation of firearms:


Every sheriff in Florida pledges to protect Second Amendment rights Reply

By Jennifer Cruz

On Sunday, Feb. 17, Watch Dog Wire reported that they received an email from Constitutional Sheriffs stating that all 67 sheriffs in the counties of Florida have signed a pledge declaring that they not only support the Second Amendment, but that they will protect the right of the people to keep and bear arms. 67, that’s every single county in the state.

Florida has become the first state to receive 100% support from every sheriff, which makes a huge statement opposing tyrannical acts against the United States Constitution. A statement that many other states are most likely soon to follow.


Why The Elite Would Lose a Civil War 1


Manufacturing mass social unrest would be a foolish mistake

Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones
February 14, 2013

Despite the fact that the banking elite wants to generate riots and stir social disorder in order to collapse the U.S. economy so they can buy up real assets on the cheap, if such chaos was to spill over into a full blown civil war, the consequences for the technocrats would be disastrous.

Image: Wikipedia Commons

In part one we explored why the elite routinely generate civil unrest in countries as a tactic of driving down confidence, scaring away investors and setting themselves up as the saviors in order to loot what’s left of the economy for next to nothing.


Game to destroy CCTV cameras: vandalism or valid protest? Reply

From The Guardian. I wonder if it’ll catch on…


As a youth in a ski mask marches down a Berlin U-Bahn train, dressed head-to-toe in black, commuters may feel their only protection is the ceiling-mounted CCTV camera nearby. But he is not interested in stealing wallets or iPhones – he is after the camera itself. This is Camover, a new game being played across Berlin, which sees participants trashing cameras in protest against the rise in close-circuit television across Germany.

The game is real-life Grand Theft Auto for those tired of being watched by the authorities in Berlin; points are awarded for the number of cameras destroyed and bonus scores are given for particularly imaginative modes of destruction. Axes, ropes and pitchforks are all encouraged.


A Woman’s Work? Behind a Gun Reply

(Previously posted at Mere Anti-Statism)


Two days ago, the Stateside military lifted its ban on females assuming combat roles. According to The Guardian, Pentagon Defence Secretary (and civilian-assassination-endorsing piece-of-shit) Leon Panetta, together with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, scribbled away the 1994 prohibition in the ostensible interest of equality, no doubt eliciting cheers from feminists and “gender egalitarians” everywhere.


Self-Determination and Self-Defense in Cherán, Michoacán 1

In response to illegal logging in their community the Indigenous Purepecha people of Cherán, Michoacán organize a defense force based on their traditional forms of self governance and defense. With their women as the catalysts, the community erected barricades, drove out illegal loggers and gangsters, seized control of abandoned police and government assets and turned to their elders for guidance. La Ronda, the community’s traditional, volunteer defense force began patrols of the town and the surrounding forests. This is how it’s done.

For more information, see El Enemigo Común’s article.

McAfee Labs predicts the decline of Anonymous Reply
Megan Geuss

Computer security firm McAfee Labs released its annual Threat Predictions report today, taking a look at what we’ll see (and hope not to see) on 2013’s deck of malware and viruses. Interestingly, McAfee’s analysis predicts a decline in Anonymous’ attacks, a rise in the frequency and sophistication of mobile malware, and a rise in large-scale attacks that aim to cause as much destruction as possible.

This time last year, McAfee’s report for 2012 predicted that “Hacktivism and Anonymous will reboot and evolve.” While this year didn’t see anything on the level of the hacks of Sony and HBGary from 2011, Anonymous did execute a number of high-profile attacks and threats. Now McAfee says that in 2013, hacktivisim will be conducted by more homogeneous, politically-motivated groups rather than Anonymous’ pantheon of personalities and pet causes. Still, McAfee suggests that Anonymous may be able to stage a few high-visibility attacks in the coming months despite its predicted decline. The report reads: More…

The State Problem In National Security Policy Reply

This is the kind of scholarship that anarchists, libertarians, anti-statists, decentralists, and anti-authoritarians of every kind should be studying. The emerging global trends are on our side. It’s not like the 20th century when anarchists were swimming against the historical tides and ever greater centralization and statism were on the rise.

Here’s the money quote: “The report makes a lot of comments about the rise of individual autonomy, the empowering of regional network-cities, and technology’s acceleration of the power of non-state actors.”

Rethinking Security

I’ve been reading the Global Trends 2030 report in between my Comparative Politics exam (earlier today) and my International Relations Theory exam (due tomorrow night) and something didn’t seem quite right.

I do want to do less planned/more off-the-cuff writing and less overly planned blog posts. This is a good opportunity. Consider this less a specific argument than a series of variations on a theme. There’s a chance that the journey won’t end up anywhere productive, and this post does ramble considerabably. But I have found the process of thinking about it extremely useful for thinking about some of the holes in our understanding of “failed” states, foreign policy, and future warfare.


Syrian rebels trained in handling, securing chemical weapons 1

The United States and some of its European have issues contracts to defense contractors to train Syrian rebels on how to identify, handle, and secure chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria; some of the training is done in Jordan, but some of the contractors are already inside Syria, where they, and U.S. intelligence operatives, are working closely with friendly rebel groups to monitor Syria’s chemical weapons production and storage sites

Free Syrian forces are being trained in control of chemical weapons // Source:

The United States, Israel, Jordan, and Turkey have been closely following the chemical weapons situation in Syria – and coordinating their likely action should such action be required.

The two latest signs of the heightened state of readiness: More…

Grisly video allegedly shows Syrian rebels forcing child to behead unarmed prisoner 1

Screenshot from YouTube user SyrianGirl War

Screenshot from YouTube user SyrianGirl War

A graphic video recently posted to YouTube allegedly shows Syrian rebels forcing a child to behead an unarmed prisoner. A recent series of similarly brutal incidents has done little to dampen foreign calls to arm the Syrian opposition.

The video shows a child hacking an alleged prisoner’s head off with a machete. Militants then hold up a severed head while chanting “Allahu Akbar,” or “God is great.” More…