Category: Fourth Generation Warfare

Book on Hezbollah Released Authored by Mesbah Mahjoub, a book has been released on the thought patterns of Hezbollah led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah. IBNA: The book entails issues which have led to the success of the Muslim political party in Lebanon and in the physical and psychological wars it has […]

Blowback in Benghazi?

Or was it something worse? by Justin Raimondo The murder of US ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens and three other US diplomats at the hands of rioters probably wasn’t just another case of Islamists-gone-wild. The circumstances surrounding this horrific incident — the riot was in reaction to […]

Nanotechnology: Armed resistance

DGR in Mexico. Nature assesses the aftermath of a series of nanotechnology-lab bombings in Mexico — and asks how the country became a target of eco-anarchists. By Leigh Phillips Under attack: policemen stand guard outside the Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education after a letter bomb exploded […]

Where have our warriors gone?

From AI/AN ATS by Vince Rinehart William Lind, in his article Gangs of Aleppo shares with us some insights into the conflict in Syria and what is fueling the violence. One of the characteristics shared by most disintegrating states is a vast surplus of young men who have […]

The End of Gasoline Warfare

By John Michael Greer The Archdruid Report Last week’s discussion of American military vulnerabilities touched on one of the major issues that ought to be giving Pentagon officials sleepless nights—but only one of them The military downsides of America’s obsession with high-tech gizmos, in a world where complexity […]

Anarchist militia planned to assassinate Obama

by Russ Bynum LUDOWICI, Ga. (AP) — Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former comrade and his girlfriend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted a range of anti-government attacks, prosecutors told a judge Monday. Prosecutors in rural […]

Nationalism: The New Wave

By Spencer Pearson Part 1:  Ideology:  Nationalism 2.0 (b) Nationalism was the most successful radical ideology of the modern age insomuch as it is more or less universally accepted today that nations have the right to self determination, which is to say that they rule themselves in their […]

American National Militia

ANMilitia This is different than most sites. It is designed for and dedicated to present and upcoming events. Due to patriot efforts, Americans are at a crossroads. We, as a people, are living in extraordinary times. These are the times that try mans  souls… Each of us knows […]

Mexican Cartel Declares War on Cheetos Robert Beckhusen The logo for Sabritas, a Mexican snack chip subsidiary of PepsiCo, which saw dozens of vehicles and five warehouses burned by a drug cartel this month. Photo: chrizar/Flickr Mexican drug cartels are not strictly drug cartels. One of their fastest-growing markets is extortion of private […]

How to Create an Occupy Tribe

By John Robb Hat tip to NATA-NY. There’s no question that the Occupy groups have done a great job with constructing the outlines ofresilient communities in the heart of many of our most dense urban areas. People pitch in to do work. They are considerate despite the difficulty of […]

Occupy: Nucleus of the New Society?

By Kevin Carson Many Occupy supporters on the Left express concern that it could be coopted by the mainstream institutional Left and harnessed to a political agenda of NPR liberalism. The recent prominence of Van Johnson’s Rebuild the Dream and seems to provide at least superficial justification […]

5/9/12 – Latest on the Naxalite-Maoist insurgency

Maoist army is 46K strong and winning Abductions: Maoists On Top In Every Scenario – Analysis Gang supplying mobile phone SIM cards to Maoists busted in UP Naxals making inroads into Kerala, Karnataka Low-level government officials at Naxal meets? RDX recovered from Maoist hideout Maoist in Assam now equipped with sophisticated weapon Maoists abduct, […]

Quote of the Day

Hat tip to MRDA. Dain is an old acquaintance of mine from the U.S. libertarian milieu. “I’m personally interested in the tradition of libertine individualist elitism. The nether region where John Henry Mackay, Max Stirner and HL Mencken meet. These people don’t truck much with liberal pieties and […]

Samir Khan: Proud to be an American traitor

From CNN. —————————————————————————————————————————————————— Samir Khan was proud to be a traitor. In a way, he was among the most dangerous of al Qaeda terrorists. By turning his back on the country he grew up in, he gained credibility and coupled that with his intimate knowledge of Western culture […]

Ad Hominem Argument: A Classic Example

Carol Moore is someone who deserves credit for helping to publicize the secessionist cause. See her website here. Unfortunately, she has delivered a classic example of an ad hominem argument against Yours Truly in response to my suggestions that the radical Left should seriously consider the possibility of adopting a secessionist outlook. […]

Organizing the Urban Lumpenproletariat

For some time now, I have argued for an alliance of left-wing anarchism and right-wing populism against the common enemies of imperialism and Big Brother statism. I have argued that the strategic application of such an alliance would be a pan-secessionist movement rooted in the traditions of the […]

Shutting Down the American Police State

Consider these grim statistics: -There are 36,000 paramilitary police raids on private homes in the United States on an annual basis. -The United States has five percent of the world’s population but twenty-five percent of the world’s prisoners. -One in thirty-one American adults is in prison, on probation […]