Month: June 2021

Breaking Points: 6/28/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar look at the Biden infrastructure plan, a tragic building collapse in Miami-Dade, more UFO developments, huge information about the Assange case, John McAfee’s mysterious death, woke military, the rise of socialism, and more! All premium videos are available from your Supercast member dashboard under the […]

FBI/DHS Report on “Domestic Terrorism”

“Violent extremist citizens” believe any of the following: We deliberately exceed our Constitutional authority. 2. “Corporate globalization” is harmful to society.  3. A totalitarian society is the endgame for us. The full report is available from the link below:

What’s Wrong With Critical Race Theory?

This makes for an interesting comparison/contrast. James Lindsay offers a highly negative critique of critical race theory in this interview with Tom Woods, while the meme below offers a more sympathetic explanation/interpretation. James Lindsay joins Tom Woods to discuss what Critical Race Theory is, what its flaws are, […]

Defanging Authoritarian Ideologies

Recently, I posted the following comments on social media in response to the Confederate flag/monuments ongoing controversy: But what is the American flag to people all over the world who have been conquered, subjugated, killed, maimed, impoverished, etc. by Americans? The fixation on the Confederacy seems to be […]