Month: June 2021

Supporting Bernie Sanders was a Mistake

This video examines the assumptions behind today’s reformist socialism and considers what today’s young socialists can do now that our Trump-era social-democratic/realist turn has failed. Along the way, read excerpts from the Aufhebunga Bunga book “The End of the End of History,” and “The Writing on the Wall” […]

Against the Rainbow Capitalists

I advise the paleo-populists to jettison the capitalist class and conservative “big media.” By Keith Preston, Chronicles Broad swaths of conservative opinion today would have it that the enemy of the right is some variant of Marxism. But this does not accurately describe people like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, […]

The Continuing Fictitious Struggle

By Paul Gottfried, American Consequences Antifascists and others on the Left like to believe they have been struggling against the same Right for almost 100 years. But there is little evidence for this assumption. Breitbart last week published a commentary about homosexuals who were demonstrating against the Israelis […]

Putin’s Turkish Nightmare

By Douglas MacGregor, The American Conservative The revived geopolitical rivalry between Russia and Turkey spells trouble for Putin and his allies. On the first of October 1939, just three days after the fall of Warsaw and Poland’s destruction at the hands of Soviet and German forces, Stalin summoned […]

American Hegemony, Now and in the Future

By Micah Meadowcroft, The American Conservative The U.S. squandered the unipolar moment, but we aren’t into simple multipolarity quite yet. The collapse of the Soviet Union began nearly two decades of American unipolarity. During that time, U.S. leadership pursued a strategy of what international relations scholars call liberal […]