Month: June 2021

Anarchism Reloaded

By Uri Gordon The contemporary reemergence of anarchism on a global scale deserves serious attention from students of ideology. As the defining orientation of prominent activist networks, anarchism today is the principal point of reference for radical social change movements in the North and represents a mature and […]

BreadTube Serves Imperialism: Examining The New Brand of Internet Pseudo-Socialism

Caleb Maupin has an interesting new book out criticizing “progressive YouTube” from a Marxist-Leninist perspective. A group of liberals commentators with shady origins, loosely calling themselves “BreadTube” have become the primary online pro-socialist voices. The ideology that BreadTubers espouse, however, is not consistent with Marxism-Leninism or genuine anti-capitalism. […]


The problem with “populist nationalism” is that these “national populist” parties almost always represent the traditional right-wing of the ruling class rooted in industrial capitalism that is losing out to the rising digital capitalist sectors that are eclipsing them. The “industrial national bourgeoisie” are now in the same […]

Don’t Ban CRT. Expose It.

Here’ my take on this “critical race theory” controversy. “Conservatives” (at least those of the pop-culture variety) have started using “critical race theory” as a label for anything they find ideologically objectionable. The same way they use woke, SJW, politically correct, etc. Actual CRT is something much narrower […]

The Capitol Riot Was a Prologue

This piece includes a somewhat interesting Q&A with George Packer on rising sectarianism in the US. By Jeffrey Goldberg, The Atlantic Donald Trump’s battle cry of insurrection—“If you don’t fight like hell, you’re not going to have a country anymore”—didn’t strike me at first as a four-horsemen moment […]