Month: June 2021

Breaking Points: 6/29/21 Full UNCUT Show

Krystal and Saagar examine the airstrikes in Syria, pandemic unemployment benefits, BlackRock’s power over the US government, tax cuts on the wealthy, the life of the late Sen. Mike Gravel, cancel culture hypocrisy, America’s friendship crisis, Facebook’s monopoly power, and more! You can now watch the video from […]

Maybe the Aliens Really Are Here

By John Gertz Scientific American SETI, as a modern astronomical endeavor, dating to 1959 (first paper) and 1960 (first observation). Modern UFO sightings date to the late 1940s. Though superficially similar, the two fields in practice have had virtually nothing to do with one another. SETI usually requires […]

Anarchism and Syndicalism in an African Port City: The Revolutionary Traditions of Cape Town’s Multi-Racial Working Class, 1904-1931″

By Lucien van der Walt This paper examines the development of anarchism and syndicalism in early twentieth-century Cape Town, South Africa, drawing attention to a crucial but neglected chapter of labor and left history. Central to this story were the anarchists in the local Social Democratic Federation (SDF), […]

Why Class Politics Fails in the US

The US has a two-tiered and multi-dimensional class system that largely pits unionized public sector workers against private-sector workers, and highly skilled blue/white-collar workers against the low-skilled, unskilled, or unemployed. It’s one of the main reasons why the “free market vs welfare statist” and “unions vs right to […]

‘Outraged’ Fox News host Laura Ingraham wants to defund the Pentagon over Gen. Milley’s race studies defense

By all means, defund the Pentagon. By Peter Weber, The Week Gen. Mark Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, defended the U.S. Military Academy’s curriculum from criticism by Republicans at a House Armed Services Committee hearing on Wednesday. Milley specifically waved off complaints about an elective class at West Point that teaches critical […]

Democrats’ crime problem

By W. James Antle III, The Week Democrats are grappling with an issue they thought they had largely put to bed in the 1990s: crime. President Joe Biden turned his attention to the wave of gun violence in major cities on Wednesday. The Democratic primary for New York City mayor […]

‘Defund the police’ is dead

By Joel Mathis, The Week “Defund the police” is dead in the Democratic Party, at least for now. The party isn’t going to let itself get beat on the crime issue. That much should be clear from events in recent days. President Biden on Wednesday announced that state and local governments […]