Month: June 2021

The End of More

By Peter Zeihan The world that we’re entering is fundamentally different than where we’ve been. The modern period we live in began with Columbus. It has been one of “more:”–near unending growth (population, capital, consumption)–all accelerated by post-Bretton Woods Order. Modern Monetary Theory is probably not the answer to address […]

Welcome to the Unity Movement

Welcome to the tip of the spear of US politics. As political chaos grows, uncertainty spreads, and new political factions formed, a new movement for unity across the political spectrum has arisen. People from all corners, all beliefs, joining in solidarity. Fighting and hoping against the odds for […]

The Wretched of the Earth at 60

By Jonah Raskin, Counterpunch H. Rap Brown didn’t credit Frantz Fanon in his famed 1967 speech on violence, though he might have. He was in a hurry and cities were burning. Fanon laid the groundwork for Rap in his 1961 book, The Wretched of the Earth, which inspired members […]

Critical Race Theory

A paleconservative critique, Traditional Right Across the country, grass roots resistance to “critical race theory” is growing, and that is a good thing.  But what is critical race theory and where did it come from? At its core, critical race theory is the argument that all white people […]

Did Hamas Win?

By William S. Lind, Traditional Right In the latest dust-up between Israel and Hamas–a few hundred dead is not a war–Israel once again appears to have triumphed. Hamas suffered around ten times as many casualties, and property damage ran at about the same ratio, or perhaps better, for […]

Peter Zeihan on US Labor Markets

A combination of factors have workers feeling more confident in looking for better-paying jobs (or at least, less willing to work ones they don’t like for at-or-near minimum wage). While things may seem bleak now between fewer restaurant worker shifts and meme-able signs on fast food drive-thrus, the […]

Sleep And Aging

Prime Clean It’s pretty common for older adults to face sleep problems. However, researchers conclude that “sleep problems are not an inherent part of the aging process.” Adding that the sleep challenge requires “consideration of multiple risk factors and a comprehensive treatment approach.” A contemplation of multiple risk […]