Month: July 2015

Anarchism Without Adjectives

By Kevin Carson Schematic designs for a new society seem to be really popular among self-described anarchists of all stripes. On the Right, we have Rothbard’s model for an entire society modelled whole-cloth on a “libertarian law code” deduced from axioms like self-ownership and the non-aggression principle. Within […]

News Digest July 30, 2015

Cop Indicted, Arrested in Sam Dubose Shooting by Steve Bittenbender Prosecutors Release Video of Sam Dubose Shooting by Adam Johnson Police Chief on the Video of Sam Dubose Shooting: “It’s Not Good” WCPO Cincinnati is Preparing for Riots Over Sam Dubose Murder by Shaun King SWAT Pig Indicted […]

Keith Preston and Revolutionary Strategy

A poster on Reddit’s Anarcho-Capitalism discussion forum describes my views as follows: Here are some things to know of Keith Preston: A. He’s a strong revolutionary voice within the anarchist circles. B. He’s a panarchist and pan-secessionist. C. He is pretty much equivalent to a classical anarchist, like […]

How Do We Bring Rojava to America?

That is the question. By Anonymous AnarchistNews.Org While there have been some headlines and first person accounts of the Rojava region and the politics therein, there has been little analysis that is explicitly anarchist. That is grounded in the big modern questions about how can international solidarity occur […]

Anarchism by Paul Eltzbacher

During the first decade of the twentieth century, a German jurist name Paul Eltzbacher produced a book that offered an extensive overview of the ideas of the founding fathers of anarchism: Godwin, Proudhon, Stirner, Bakunin, Kropotkin, Tucker, Tolstoy. The book was originally translated into English by Steven T. […]

Who Goes to Prison Due to Gun Control?

An immensely important article from Anthony Gregory. By Anthony Gregory Independent Institute Somehow, left-liberals have associated the cause of gun rights with white racism, when if anything it is gun control that has a racist legacy. In the United States, early gun laws targeted recently freed blacks, and […]

The Kurds are Crowdfunding a Revolution

By all means, donate. By Jennifer Baker Revolution-News.Com After 134 days of intense fights against ISIS, the Kurdish city of Kobanê is under reconstruction. An international solidarity movement is now using crowdfunding as a tool to support of the so-called ’Rojava Revolution’. Initiatives to rebuild Kobanê, a secular […]

Geo-Mutualist Panarchism: A Synopsis

By William Schnack Evolution of Consent I propose a vision of society called “geo-mutualist panarchism.” This view is a combination of the mutualism of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, the classical liberalism of Henry George, and the panarchism of Paul Emile de Puydt, supplemented with libertarian and classical liberal theories of […]

News Digest July 23, 2015

Petition: Demand an Investigation of Sandra Bland’s Death by Lois Wilkins How Many Sandra Blands Are Out There? by David A. Graham An Open Letter to the Greek People by Kevin Carson Rand Paul Endorses Military Action Against Iran by Daniel Larison Is There a Full-Blown Global Depression? […]

Christian National Anarcho-Capitalists

I recently came across a group calling itself Christian National Anarcho-Capitalists. While this group doesn’t reflect my personal views or preferences, as a pan-anarchist I am for the proliferation of many anarchist societies based on the principle of free association, thereby enhancing genuine diversity, and “Christian National Anarcho-Capitalism” […]

News Digest July 21, 2015

General Wesley Clark Calls for Sending Radical U.S. Citizens to “Internment Camps” CounterCurrents News John Kerry “Disturbed” by Iranian Leader’s Criticism After Deal by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin Nouri ISIS Transforming into a Functioning State That Uses Terror as a Tool by Tim Arango Amherst Student Expelled for Rape Has […]

Anarchy Lives: Rojava

By Julia Tourianksi Brave New World There is place where sex, creed and ethnicity do not harbor division. A place where everyone is military trained so that having a police force becomes obsolete. A place where civilian females, instead of asking for permission, instead of waiting for outside help, have […]

News Update July 19, 2015

The Mysterious Death of Black Lives Matter Activist Sandra Bland in Jail Democracy Now! St. Louis Police Shoot Man Who Was Talking About Revolution CounterCurrents News John McCain and 200 Other War Mongers Banned from Entering Russia The AntiMedia McCain: Did He Show the Right Stuff? by Zalin […]

Donald Trump Leads a Failed Field

Why the Republicans are the party of failed ideologies fronted by joke candidates. It appears that 2016 will be a Bush-Clinton election given that these are the two candidates that have the most financial backing. By Daniel McCarthy The American Conservative Christopher Halloran / How worried should […]

GOP Opposition to the Nuclear Deal

Under no circumstances should the Republican Party ever be allowed to return to power in the United States. By Daniel Larison The American Conservative Jacob Heilbrunn warns the GOP against rejecting the nuclear deal: It would be a profound mistake for the GOP to conclude that it can […]

News Update July 16, 2015

New Podcast from the Libertarian Alliance: ATS Contributors Eric Field, Keir Martland and Keith Preston Discussion Early American History Listen here. Every Person Killed by American Police During the Month of June by Lou Colagiovanni Surveillance Video Shows Cops Murdered Native American Man and Lied About It Countercurrents […]


By Castro StopImperialism.Org «In order to turn the world around, you don’t need wealth or ultimate power, a warn soul is enough.». A.Ionov We live in uneasy time. Local conflicts threaten to turn into a new world war every moment. Shall this happen, no government or military will […]

Globalizing the Intifada

By William T. Hathaway The invaders have surrounded and attacked us, conquered here and there, and built their bases in our lands. So we attack the invaders where we can, determined to retake our lands and drive them out. We would prefer not to be warriors. We would […]

News Digest July 14, 2014

Iran Nuclear Deal: World Powers Reach Historic Agreements to Lift Sanctions by Julian Borger Obama: Iran’s Pathways to a Nuclear Weapon Cut Off by Dave Boyer BRICS Putting in Place a Challenge to U.S. Economic Domination by Mike Whitney Donald Trump: The Idiocracy Candidate? by Matt Welch News […]