Month: September 2014

A Realistic Libertarianism?

This should ruffle some feathers. I should qualify that I am not necessarily taking Hoppe’s side in this argument, which is a growing  argument in libertarian and anarchist milieus, concerning whether anti-statism is more compatible with a leftist or rightist worldview. As those who are familiar with the […]

Princeton Professor Says Defenders of Free Speech Must Support Each Other

Some damn good points. The Daily Caller Last May, one of the most influential conservative and religious intellectual leader in America gave a somber speech in Washington, declaring it to be “Good Friday in America for Christians.” In this exclusive two part video interview, Princeton’s Robert P. […]

In Defense of Petty Nationalism

By Greg Johnson Counter-Currents.Com As I write, the Scottish independence referendum remains undecided, but the “No” camp is in the lead. Regardless of the outcome, though, Scotland will have more independence, either leaving the UK altogether or enjoying greater autonomy within it.  I was, frankly, surprised that many White Nationalists […]

Homogamy Most Heterodox

  My latest @ Taki. ______________ Last Friday proved a more eventful one than usual in New Zealand: on top of the usual weekend hustle, the Kiwi nation hosted the wedding of one Travis McIntosh to his partner, Matt McCormick. As it took place at the hallowed rugby […]

Humans Naturally Follow Crowd Behavior

Wall Street Journal Luci Gutiérrez It happened last Sunday at football stadiums around the country. Suddenly, 50,000 individuals became a single unit, almost a single mind, focused intently on what was happening on the field—that particular touchdown grab or dive into the end zone. Somehow, virtually simultaneously, each […]

Women in Bitcoin Panel at Porcfest XI 2014

I was recently on a Women in Bitcoin panel at Porcupine Freedom Festival, an anarchist/libertarian themed festival sponsored by the Free State Project. Stephanie Murphy of Let’s Talk Bitcoin moderated and the panel featured Paige Peterson of MaidSafe, musician Tatiana Moroz, myself representing Bitcoin Not Bombs, and Lyn […]

Points to Consider

One of our readers, “Julius Ebola,” offered these thoughts in a recent comments thread. I think these are points that are well worth considering. Thoughts on some of these ideas anyone? “Sectarianism and opportunism are useful as general political concepts, and that seems to be how Rothbard understood […]