From Boston to Ferguson: Have We Reached a Tipping Point in the Police State? Reply

By John W. Whitehead

Ron Paul Institute

“I thought I was losing my capacity to be shocked — but events in Missouri over just the last couple of hours have crossed a frightening line, one that makes me pray that this assault on fundamental American values is just the aberration of one rudderless Heartland community, and not the first symptoms of nation gone mad with high-tech weaponry to keep its own citizens in line.”—Journalist Will Bunch

The difference between what happened in Boston in the wake of the Boston Marathon explosion and what is happening now in Ferguson, Missouri, is not in the government’s response but in the community’s response.

This is what happens when you ignore the warning signs.

This is what happens when you fail to take alarm at the first experiment on your liberties.

This is what happens when you fail to challenge injustice and government overreach until the prison doors clang shut behind you.

Consider that it was just a little over a year ago that the city of Boston was locked down while police carried out a military-style manhunt for the suspects in the Boston Marathon explosion. At the time, Americans welcomed the city-wide lockdown, the routine invasion of their privacy, and the dismantling of every constitutional right intended to serve as a bulwark against government abuses.

Fast forward 14 months, and Americans are shocked at the tactics being employed to quell citizen unrest in Ferguson, Missouri—a massive SWAT team, an armored personnel carrier, men in camouflage pointing heavy artillery at the crowd, smoke bombs and tear gas—where residents are outraged and in the streets in response to a recent police shooting of one of their own: a young, unarmed college-bound black teenager who had the misfortune of being in the wrong time at the wrong place.


From the IWW to Genderqueer – the Transformation of the Left from Class War to Culture War 4

If you want to know what U.S. politics will look like a few decades from now, perhaps much sooner, imagine a U.S. election with the present day bourgeois technocratic “progressives” of the Democratic Party representing “conservatism,” and the “cultural Marxist” freak show representing “liberalism,” and there you have it. Most of my work has been about developing a new radicalism that’s to the left of the left of the left. If the Democratic Party represents the center-left, and “cultural Marxism” represents the hard left, then to the left of that would be tendencies like ATS and N-AM. We are to “cultural Marxism” what Maoism is to social democracy.

I tell you, this Robert Lindsay is really on it.

By Robert Lindsay

Liberal Republican Party: Corporatism, neoliberalism, imperial foreign policy and an emphasis on the upper classes combined with cutting edge Cultural Left and Identity Politics, some environmentalism and a generally more sane and sober view of things. Some gays, Blacks or Hispanics who wants to wallow in their identity and stick it to the workers and the poor quite happily join this party. Neoliberalism + genderqueer. What could go wrong? Obviously from a progressive point of view, this is nearly worthless, as the Left is about economics, not the accommodation of every weirdo, freak or dysfunctional minority who comes down the pike.


The Conservative Republican Party: Corporatism and neoliberalism, albeit in a much stronger form than the Liberal Republicans push, a radical near-Libertarian out and out dismantling of government, combined with the usual rightwing nuttery such as ludicrous paranoia of Communism, socialism and the economic Left, crazy conspiracy theory, exaggeration, lies, constant propaganda, racist dog whistles for bigoted White people, homophobia, misogyny and sexism, puritanism, Fundamentalist Christianity, jingoism, xenophobia, paranoia and hatred of the state itself.


Our Enemy, the State 2

The quote below from Robert Higgs reminds us of why it is the state that is the enemy of all mankind. Regrettably, the Left focuses all of its attention on alleged oppression, whether real or imaginary, sponsored by all sorts of Isms, Archies, and Phobias. Yes, class exploitation really exists. Yes, ethnic rivalries and sectarian religious conflict can have dire social consequences. Yes, in-group/out-group conflicts can severely disadvantage marginal populations. But let’s not forget whose power comes from the barrel of a gun.

“Business corporations, even the biggest ones, do not send SWAT teams to crash into your home at night to kill you or members of your family; they do not compel you to purchase their goods and services on pain of being kidnapped and confined in a steel cage; they do not mount attacks on foreign countries whose leaders displease them; they do not drop atomic bombs on cities; they do not shower neighborhoods with cluster bombs, spray them with poisonous depleted-uranium ammunition, or incinerate them with white phosphorous artillery shells. They do not ram down your throat actions that you regard as abhorrent, forcing you to pay for them or even to participate in them; on the contrary, they strive to please you and win your ongoing patronage.

Why, then, do so-called progressives systematically seek to have the institutions that commit these crimes (and a host of others) oversee and dominate the business corporations, which do not commit such horrendous crimes. For a student of comparative institutions, the so-called progressive agenda flies in the face of reason and humanity. (Not that the so-called conservative agenda does not, mind you; but its absurdities are somewhat different.)”

That Does It, I’m Voting for Marine Le Pen 1

How the Right has become the Left, and the Left has become the Right.

This fellow Robert Lindsay’s blog is well worth checking out. I said on Facebook recently that if I were a Marxist rather than an anarchist, I’d probably be Robert Lindsay.

By Robert Lindsay

Ok, let’s see. You live in France.

You can vote “Right” and vote for protection of workers, state social programs for, pro family policies, environmental protection, promotion of small business at the expense of big business, and national protection of workers from multinational corporate Great White sharks.

Or I can vote “Left” and vote for gay pride parades, six different types of genderqueer, tax cuts for corporations and austerity.

Touch choice, huh?


It’s Time for Conservatives to Stop Defending Police Reply

Things must really be getting out of hand if even the National Review is coming down on the cops.

 By A. J. Delgado

National Review

The Thin Blue Line in the Big Apple (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Imagine if I were to tell you there is a large group of government employees, with generous salaries and ridiculously cushy retirement pensions covered by the taxpayer, who enjoy incredible job security and are rarely held accountable even for activities that would almost certainly earn the rest of us prison time. When there is proven misconduct, these government employees are merely reassigned and are rarely dismissed. The bill for any legal settlements concerning their errors? It, too, is covered by the taxpayers. Their unions are among the strongest in the country.

No, I’m not talking about public-school teachers.

I’m talking about the police.


Wendy McElroy: “I will leave the movement if thick libertarianism prevails…” 14

I apologize for my lengthy prelude to Ms. McElroy’s piece, but things are moving along in a way that merits comment. It would appear that totalitarian humanism is in the process of taking over libertarianism, which is predictable enough as libertarianism left too many gaps open that ultimately allowed totalitarian humanism to crawl in. This is the likely end of any movement that a) fails to embrace a genuinely revolutionary stance, b) fails to challenge the ideological superstructure of the ruling class, d) fails to develop an appropriate class analysis, and d) fails to embrace a hierarchy of priorities that recognizes the overlords of imperialism and their political bureaucracies as the primary targets to be attacked.


Sovereign citizens seen as top terrorist threat by US law enforcement 1

Russia Today

Reuters / Brian Blanco

Reuters / Brian Blanco

The sovereign citizen movement is considered the top threat for domestic terrorism, according to a survey of state, local, and tribal law enforcement agencies.

Islamist extremists and militia/patriot groups round out the top three threats to communities in the United States considered most serious by 364 officers of 175 state, local, and tribal law enforcement entities, according to a survey conducted by the National Consortium for the Study of Terrorism and Responses to Terrorism (START).


What Is a Woman? The dispute between radical feminism and transgenderism Reply

Look for the various contentious issues involving gender identity and sexual orientation to become a major source of conflict on the Left in the future. The key issue for pan-secessionists is to figure out how to siphon libertarian and anti-establishment leaning feminists, gays, transgenders, and other sexual/gender minorities away from the PC statist coalition, thereby dividing and weakening the ranks of the state-centric Left, while simultaneously organizing various categories of socially conservative population into the wider pan-radical alliance. Geography is likely to be the key issue. We organize rural and small town white, conservative Christians around anti-PC and anti-big government issues, and we organize socially conservative minorities, immigrants, etc. in the large cities along side sexual and gender minorities by emphasizing class issues and resistance to the police state.

By Michelle Goldberg

The New Yorker

On May 24th, a few dozen people gathered in a conference room at the Central Library, a century-old Georgian Revival building in downtown Portland, Oregon, for an event called Radfems Respond. The conference had been convened by a group that wanted to defend two positions that have made radical feminism anathema to much of the left. First, the organizers hoped to refute charges that the desire to ban prostitution implies hostility toward prostitutes. Then they were going to try to explain why, at a time when transgender rights are ascendant, radical feminists insist on regarding transgender women as men, who should not be allowed to use women’s facilities, such as public rest rooms, or to participate in events organized exclusively for women.





Glenn Beck: I Said ‘Stupid Things’ While At Fox News Reply

Contra Glenn, the real future of conflict in the US will not be between Left and Right as presently understood. The Right is rapidly dwindling in numbers, and while the Right will become more militant as it continues to decline, it will become increasingly irrelevant as the state and the wider society continue to move leftward. Old-fashioned white supremacists have been completely pushed to the margins. The religious right is headed in a similar direction, and the “conservative movement” will soon follow. The real conflict in the future will be between the economic elites and the growing ranks of the poor, the rival factions of the Left, and the state and enemies of the state. The radical right will eventually align itself with the libertarian left because it will have no where else to go, and the most PC elements of the libertarian left will eventually join the ranks of the progressive statists as the state increasingly moves to cultivate the PC Left as a constituency.

Huffington Post

Glenn Beck on Sunday revealed one of his biggest regrets on CNN’s Reliable Sources.

Referring to the widening gap between Democrats and Republicans in the U.S., he said he “unintentionally… added to the situation we’re in right now.”

According to Pew, the left and right “are more divided along ideological lines – and partisan antipathy is deeper and more extensive – than at any point in the last two decades. “

“When you live your life 5 hours a day on live television and radio you’re going to say stupid things,” Beck said.

Indeed, a quick google search for “glenn beck stupid comments” brings up dozens of articles and posts from around the web.

The former Fox News host said that calling President Obama a racist was “of course” something he shouldn’t have said.

He explained that, at the time, hadn’t realized the impact that some of his comments would make.

“We are much more fragile than I thought,” he said

It’s not the first time Beck has expressed remorse over his behavior during his tenure at Fox. He made similar comments in January and in 2013.

Watch a video of his on CNN.

Hillary’s Candid Motto for Democratic Party: ‘Represent Banks’ Reply

As I have previously stated in the “Liberty and Populism” essay, in a relatively short period of time, the progressive therapeutic statists and totalitarian humanists will be the unquestioned status quo. These progressive statists will be allies of the neoliberal plutocratic elites, and the military industrial complex. They will also have the police state bequeathed to them by Nixon, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, and Obama under their control. Their ideological superstructure will be human rights imperialism in foreign policy (see Samantha Power), progressive paternalism and therapeutic statism in law (see Cass Sunstein), neoliberalism with a modest welfare state in economics, and totalitarian humanism in social and cultural matters. Meanwhile, class divisions will continue to widen, social conflict will continue to sharpen, and opposition movements will continue to grow from the radical right to the radical left. It is the task of pan-anarchists, anarcho-pluralists, anarcho-populists, national-anarchists, tribal-anarchists, pan-secessionists, and anarcho-ecumenicalists to organize these scattered resistance forces into an effective fighting force.

By Jeff Cohen

Huffington Post


In 1992, a 44-year-old attorney made the following remarkable assertion: “For goodness’ sake, you can’t be a lawyer if you don’t represent banks.”

The attorney was Hillary Clinton. She made the statement to journalists during her husband’s first campaign for president. Her legal representation of a shady savings and loan bank while working at a top corporate law firm in Arkansas (and her firm’s relations with then-governor Bill Clinton) had erupted briefly into a campaign controversy. More…

Supporters, foes of pot legalization post rival ads in NY Times Reply

This issue will probably become increasingly contentious as the movement to legalize marijuana spreads to more and more states. This will also likely be a divisive issue on the Left between the libertarian left and the therapeutic statists, health fascists, and anti-smoking crusader types.


SEATTLE (Reuters) – Supporters and opponents of the federal ban on marijuana took to the pages of The New York Times this weekend with full-page color advertisements that highlight the fast-evolving debate in the United States about medical and recreational drug use.

The advertisements followed The New York Times‘ decision last month in a series of editorials to call for repealing the ban, the biggest U.S. newspaper to do so. Opinion polls show a majority of Americans now back the legalization of pot.

Ads: Marijuana


It’s Time for Legalized Prostitution Reply

I suspect that at some point in the not too distant future there will be a growing movement to decriminalize or legalize prostitution, comparable to the gay rights movement in its early phase or the present movement for legalization of marijuana. This is to be welcome from an anarchist perspective, of course, but look for this to be a divisive issue on the Left between progressive statists, totalitarian humanists, and feminist-fascists on one end and the libertarian left on the other.

By Reihan Salam


The world’s oldest profession isn’t going anywhere.

Photo by Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

Whom is it safe to hate? One of the reasons the cause of same-sex civil marriage has gained so much ground in recent years is that it is no longer socially acceptable to hold gay couples in contempt. Many if not most opponents of same-sex marriage harbor no ill will toward lesbians and gays, yet opposition to the expansion of civil rights for gay people has long profited from deep-seated prejudice against them. As this prejudice has grown less common and less intense, it isn’t terribly surprising that proponents of same-sex marriage have gained the upper hand. Similarly, opposition to cannabis legalization has long rested on the belief that stoners are losers who can and should be kept on the margins of society. Now that marijuana use is associated in the public mind with cancer-stricken grandmothers and foxy celebrities, there is no going back. The stigma against marijuana use is dying, and support for keeping marijuana illegal has been slowly dying with it.

Sex work is a different story.


40 Years Since the Regime of Tricky Dicky Fell Reply

 Richmond Times Dispatch
In this April 29, 1974, file photo, President Richard M. Nixon points to the transcripts of the White House tapes after he announced during a nationally-televised speech that he would turn over the transcripts to House impeachment investigators, in Washington. The last 340 hours of tapes from Nixon’s White House were released Wednesday, Aug. 21, 2013, along with more than 140,000 pages of text materials.

At 9:01 p.m., 40 years ago this Friday, Richard Milhous Nixon sat before a television camera in the Oval Office and announced to the American public in a live broadcast that he would resign rather than endure a humiliating Senate impeachment trial for obstruction of justice.

“I have never been a quitter,” he said in his 15-minute speech. “To leave office before my term is completed is abhorrend to every instinct in my body. But as president, I must put the interest of America first.”


Latest Gallup poll shows young Americans overwhelmingly support Palestine Reply

I’m somewhat surprised by this reaction to the Gaza situation, as things seem to be moving faster than I expected, but it looks like what I’ve been predicting for a while is starting to happen. Cultural, demographic, and generational change in the US is also creating a political paradigm shift. One manifestation of that is that public support for Israel is not nearly as solid nowadays. The Palestinians are gaining more sympathy among Americans, and people I also look for this to be another source of conflict on the US Left, between pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian forces. That conflict has always been there, but it’s now moving into the cultural and political mainstream.

Middle East Monitor

Protestors at Washington DC

Large demonstrations against Israel’s assault on Palestinians in Gaza were staged across the US on Saturday. The public outpouring of support for Palestinians in US streets suggests that Washington’s pro-Israel policies are becoming increasingly unpopular, a trend supported by a recent poll on Israel’s latest aggression, which finds that young Americans are twice as likely to support Palestinian rights than Israeli occupation.



How the “Race is a Social Construct” Construct Undermines Nationalism 8

By Batidan Batu

Black Liberation Army

The denial of evolutionary sub-speciation, encapsulated by the “race is a social construct” mantra, is not merely a product of the Progressive’s confusion of scientific theory: it is also a political organ intended to quell Nationalistic sentiments among the races and to ultimately propagate the destructive memes of racial integrationism, ever-expanding statism, and globalization. It is necessary to note that by “Nationalism” (as denoted with a capital-letter for the sake of clarity), I am referring to the solidarity and affinity that one retains towards his race, in lieu of the conventional use of the term “nationalism”, which is more or less flag-and-dirt worship. More…

2014 H.L. Mencken Club Conference 2

Come hear Keith Preston, Sean Gabb, Paul Gottfried, and others speaks at the HLMC in Baltimore this year!

Find out more about the HLMC here.

The Seventh Annual H.L. Mencken Club Conference

The Left

October 31st – November 2nd, 2014


Friday, October 31st

5:00-7:00 PM – Registration

7:00-10:00 PM – Banquet

Introduction – Richard Spencer

Presidential address: “The Twilight of the Archaic Right” – Paul Gottfried

The European Right - Sean Gabb


Saturday, November 1st

9:00-10:15 AM – Panel: The Left and Human Nature 

Moderator: ByronRoth

John Derbyshire, Jim Kalb, Tito Perdue

10:45 AM-12:00 PM – Panel: The Left and the State

Moderator: Carl Horowitz

Paul Gottfried, Keith Preston, Edwin Rubinstein

12:30-2:00 PM –  Special Saturday Luncheon Speaker

2:30-4:00 PM – Panel: The Left and Education

Moderator: Fran Griffin

Robert Weissberg, Robert Jackall, David Frisk

6:00-7:00 PM - Reception

7:00-10:00 PM - Banquet & Debate: Should Immigration be the chief social issue for the Real Right?

Peter Brimelow, Paul Gottfried, Jim Kalb,John Derbyshire, Richard Spencer and special guest participant


Sunday, November 2nd

9:00-11:00 AM – Breakfast for H.L. Mencken Club Members Only

Robert Stark interviews John Robb Reply

Listen to the interview.

Robert Stark talks to John Robb of Global Guerrillas . John is an author, inventor, entrepreneur, technology analyst, engineer, and military pilot. He’s started numerous successful technology companies, including one in the financial sector that sold for $295 m and one that pioneered the software we currently see in use at Facebook and Twitter. John’s insight on technology and governance has appeared on the BBC, Fox News, National Public Radio, CNBC, The Economist, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and BusinessWeek.

John served as a pilot in a tier one counter-terrorism unit that worked alongside Delta and Seal Team 6. He wrote the book Brave New War on the future of national security, and has advised the Joint Chiefs of Staff, NSA, DoD, CIA, and the House Armed Services Committee.

Topics include:

His new booklet The American Way: The Lost Secret to American Prosperity and How to Get it Back

America’s foreign policiy

Resilient Communities

The factors that lead to America’s unique prosperity

The problems of centralization of power and low social trust

Barriers to creating resilient communities

How to become economically independent

How to return production to a local level

Why We Need Hillary to Win: The Fire Rises 3

An interesting and, I suspect, accurate bit of analysis.

I think this commentator is correct that as U.S. society continues to move leftward, the right will become increasingly alienated from both the political establishment and the mainstream culture, and begin to adopt a more radical, militant, and anti-establishment stance. Hence, they will be less oriented towards “Defend America!” or “Take Back America!,” or more oriented towards “To Hell with America!”. Plus, as their numbers continue to dwindle, they will realize the impossibility of taking over the state, and begin to adopt ideas like secession and decentralization. Where it will go from there is anyone’s guess.

The majority of leftists, liberals, progressives, left-anarchists, and (probably) libertarians usually express horror at the idea of “right-wingers” seceding in order to practice allegedly reactionary values within the context of their own enclaves. While I am merely an anarchist (in the tradition of Stirner), and not any kind of right winger, I would consider mass secession by predominately rightist-leaning communities to be a means of weakening and destroying the American imperial empire, both internationally and domestic. Unfortunately, most cultural cosmopolitans and “progressives” apparently believe that making sure there’s an an abortion clinic and a gay bar on every street corner in every backwoods town is more important that overthrowing a genocidal imperialist regime and a global plutocratic tyranny.

By Jan Stadler

Traditionalist Youth Network

Given the endless coverage by FOX news and Bill O’Reilly of poll after poll after speculation with Charles Krauthammer over whether Hillary can win, will Hillary run and can Rand Paul beat Hillary, I am going to assume the 2016 election has already begun.

Of course in line with this excessively premature hysteria about Hillary Clinton, conservatives, libertarians, populists, Tea Partiers and Christian fundamentalists are all in a twit over the future prospects of Hilary Clinton become the next president of these states united.


Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston on Chesterton & Belloc 2

Listen to the interview here.



Robert Stark interviews Keith Preston of Attack the System

Topics include:

Keith’s interest in alternative economics that opposes both capitalism and socialism such as distributism

Why third way economics theories have limited influence but a large potential audience



A Traditionalist critique of Capitalism

Chesterton and Belloc’s views on Nationalism, Eugenics, and Imperialism

How Marxist viewed Distributism as a Petit Bourgeois movement

The Distributist critique of the welfare state versus the modern conservative view towards poverty

Taxation policies such as a Negative Income Tax and Asset Tax