Goff Limits! Pantheon of the Persecuted, or the Patronised? Reply

I’m feeling oppressed over at the Inferno today


goth teens

As if membership amongst the officially oppressed wasn’t crowded enough, Greater Manchester police saw fit to induct goths, metalheads, and others of “alternative” persuasion into the Pantheon of the Persecuted last week.


The Totalitarianism of Universal Background Checks Reply

By Anthony Gregory

Finally, some sanity, and from a somewhat unexpected source. The ACLU is concerned about the civil liberties implications of the new Harry Reid Senate bill to establish so-called “universal background checks” for firearms purchases. The organization has tended toward silence on gun rights, but at least now it recognizes aspects of the problem with this terrible proposal.


The Legacy of Margaret Thatcher Reply

By Dr. Sean Gabb

Much will be said over the next few weeks about the “achievements” of Margaret Thatcher. These will probably divide between Daily Mailish eulogies and Guardianesque whines. My own view is that she was a bad thing for England.

She started the transformation of this country into a politically correct police state. Her Government behaved with an almost gloating disregard for constitutional norms. She brought in money laundering laws that have now been extended to a general supervision over our financial dealings. She relaxed the conditions for searches and seizure by the police. She increased the numbers and powers of the police. She weakened trial by jury. She weakened the due process protections of the accused. She gave executive agencies the power to fine and punish without due process. She began the first steps towards total criminalisation of gun possession.


The Thatcher Paradox Reply

By Justin Raimondo

The queen of the Anglosphere is dead. In death, as in life, there is no middle ground where Maggie Thatcher is concerned: leftists dance in the streets, celebrating her demise, while conservatives mourn the passing of the “Iron Lady.” The irony is that she was never guilty of the alleged crimes attributed to her by the former, just as she never really earned the approbations of the latter.

British leftists are dancing a jig because they believe Thatcher introduced the politics of “austerity,” victimized the poor, and was a relentless reactionary to the end: the truth is that her timid and gradualistic approach to dismantling the British welfare state failed, and failed spectacularly, as Murray Rothbard pointed out at the time here, here, and here. The “Thatcher revolution” had the same success rate as the “Reagan revolution,” i.e. it never succeeded in rolling back the advancing role of the State in British society, only in slowing its galloping onset to a brisk trot.


Man Facing Charges For Not Being Mauled By Bear Reply

Political Outcast

A 76-year-old Auburn, Massachusetts man Richard Ahlstrand had spotted a black  bear in his backyard last Thursday around his bird feeders. On Friday, he went  to fill up his bird feeders, and as a precaution, he took his shotgun. Sure  enough, the black bear showed up and started to chase the old man. The man aimed  his shotgun at the bear and shot it, killing  the bear before it dropped to the ground.

Now, he’s facing charges for illegally killing the bear, illegally baiting  the bear, illegal possession of a firearm and failure to secure a weapon.  Because he “murdered” the bear, police confiscated  his shotgun as well as 2 others he had in his possession.


The Democratic Party’s Long History of Racism 1

The American Thinker

Long  owning the default position, the pure, tolerant Democrats easily assume a  morally superior attitude while labeling  those who differ from their  point of view as morally deficient, quickly dousing  dissenters with the  2008-2012 election buzz word–racist.

Uh,  uh; I know better and so do  you and so does Charlie Martin of PJ  Tatler, factually exposing the Democrats as the real racists.  Long  term, pervasive racists at that, but no surprise there.


Hate crimes to include attacks on punks, goths and metallers 4

Victim status? I don’t want to live that way!

From The Telegraph.


A punk rocker enjoys the fun of the fair on the south pier

By Martin Evans, Crime Correspondent

Greater Manchester Police is to become the first force in the country to officially record such offences in the same way as those based on disability, race, religion and sexual orientation.

The move means victims of crime who feel they have been targeted because of their distinctive clothing, hairstyle and even musical tastes will receive special support from the police.

At the moment courts only consider hate as an aggravating factor when sentencing if it is based on religion, ethnicity, disability and sexual orientation.

But campaigners want the law to be broadened to include a much wider range of groups and subcultures. More…

Contagion! The FaceBorg Equality Epidemic Reply

My latest from the Inferno. I wonder: Have you caught the bug?


Thanks to a good chunk of my Facebook friendslist, I came face-to-face with the latest meme virus to infect the social conscience.


Hear those squeaky wheels, lushes and reprobates? That’s the sound of the latest bandwagon rolling into town. Its name: “marriage equality”.


Class vs. “Identity Politics,” Intersectionality, Etc.: Some General Observations Reply

By Kevin Carson

Those of us involved in various justice movements of the Left sometimes argue among ourselves as though the struggles for class, racial and gender justice existed in a zero-sum relationship.

Many people in the workers’ and economic justice movements complain — rightly so in my view — that “identity politics” in far too many cases became a substitute for class struggle, with racial and gender justice movements led by upper middle-class managerial-professional types focusing almost entirely on equal representation in the professions and boardrooms at the expense of economic justice. This approach is commonly derided as “black, female, etc., faces in high places.”


The KKKrazy Glue That Holds the Obama Coalition Together 1

By Steve Sailer

We are constantly told that the GOP is doomed because it’s the party of straight white men. That may well be true, but few have asked: How can the diverse Democrats hold together? How can special interests as different as blacks and gays be kept in sync?

The answer appears to be: The Obama coalition can stay together only by stoking resentment—and, indeed, hatred—of straight white men. This naked animus is rationalized by projecting the hate felt by the victorious Democrats onto the losers:


Karl Rove: ‘I could’ imagine GOP presidential candidate supporting gay marriage 1

By Dylan Stableford

Karl Rove, former deputy chief of staff under President George W. Bush and current Fox News contributor, says he can envision the 2016 Republican presidential nominee supporting gay marriage.

“I could,” Rove said during a roundtable discussion on ABC’s “This Week” on Sunday when asked if he could imagine a same-sex marriage supporter on the top of the GOP’s next ticket.


Thousands Line Up Outside Cal Expo Gun Show To Buy Ammunition Reply

CBS Sacramento

Thousands of people lined up for hours outside Cal Expo to buy ammunition. The line wrapped around the building for the first day of the two-day gun show.

You’ve heard the early bird gets the worm. At the Crossroads of the West gun show it couldn’t be truer.

“We got here at 5:45 a.m.,” said one person. “We were 64th and it took us 3.5 hours.

“”This is for my rifle,” said an attendee. More…

The Conservative Case Against More Prisons 2

By Vikrant P. Reddy and Marc A. Levin

Since the 1980s, the United States has built prisons at a furious pace, and America now has the highest incarceration rate in the developed world. 716 out of every 100,000 Americans are behind bars. By comparison, in England and Wales, only 149 out of every 100,000 people are incarcerated. In Australia—famously founded as a prison colony—the number is 130. In Canada, the number is 114.


Peril from ‘patriots’ Reply

The LA Times is pissed.

GunsDemonstrators rally outside the Capitol in Albany, N.Y. to assert their right to own firearms and to denounce recent gun-control efforts. (Tim Roske / Associated Press / January 19, 2013)

Related photos »

Ex-DEA heads, UN panel urge US to nullify pot laws Reply

San Francisco Chronicle

  • In this photo taken Feb. 14, 2013, Peter Bensinger, a former Drug Enforcement Administration chief under Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, speaks at a news conference in Chicago. Bensinger is one of eight former DEA chiefs that say the federal government needs to act now or it might lose the chance to nullify Colorado and Washington's laws legalizing recreational marijuana use. They plan to issue joint statements Tuesday, March 5, 2013, saying the Obama administration has reacted too slowly and should immediately sue to force the states to rescind the legislation. Photo: M. Spencer Green
    In this photo taken Feb. 14, 2013, Peter Bensinger, a former Drug Enforcement Administration chief under Presidents Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan, speaks at a news conference in Chicago. Bensinger is one of eight former DEA chiefs that say the federal government needs to act now or it might lose the chance to nullify Colorado and Washington’s laws legalizing recreational marijuana use. They plan to issue joint statements Tuesday, March 5, 2013, saying the Obama administration has reacted too slowly and should immediately sue to force the states to rescind the legislation. Photo: M. Spencer Green


Bold Anarchy 2

Here’s a comment I made recently in a discussion where I was calling out some anarchists for their lack of boldness when it comes to embracing the implications of their ideas. Thoughts?

“I’ve long believed that when Anarchistan finally arrives it will probably have a lot of internal goings on that might well motivate many anarchists and libertarians to have second thoughts about it all, lol. I think Anarchistan would probably look like the Icelandic Commonwealth on the right end, Barcelona 1936 on the left end, and the Greek cities in the middle. And in addition to the massive shopping malls and private communities envisioned by right-libertarians and hippie communes and anarcho-syndicalist unions envisioned by left-libertarians, there might also indeed be whitopias, blacktopias,browntopias, etc. There might be enclaves of animal rights fanatics who ban any use of animals even for food and there might be others than allow bestiality brothels. More…

Once ‘inconceivable,’ Republican leaders sign pro-gay marriage brief 2

I cautiously predict that the SCOTUS will use this case to legalize same-sex marriage nationwide. This will likely be the Roe v Wade of gay marriage. I say “cautiously” because I’m not 100% certain in my prediction. There may be one or two liberal
or centrist justices who think the court stepping in and legalizing gay marriage in toto would be a little too bold at this time. But it will happen eventually either way.


Supporters of same-sex marriage hope for a boost this week when dozens of high-profile Republicans, many no longer in office, submit their legal argument to the Supreme Court on why gays and lesbians should be allowed to wed, bucking their party’s platform.


Stockpiling Arms To Overthrow the Government Reply

This article unintentionally gets to the point. This is why I am pro-Second Amendment. I don’t give a damn about hunting or burglars. I hate the NRA as much as most liberals do. Most conservative gun rights advocates are also cop-loving, flag-waving jingoists. Fuck ’em. The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is for the final showdown with the System.

“Wonder if gun advocates would be so blithe about asserting this interpretation of the Second Amendment if it were being advanced by, say, black separatists or animal rights ultras or Native Americans demanding their land back?”

No problem here.

Washington Monthly

Kudos to National Review’s Kevin Williamson for coming right out and articulating the “conservative” (for once the quote marks are truly necessarily) perspective that is usually left just beneath the surface of the GOP’s and the gun lobby’s position on regulation of firearms:


Anthony Gregory Gets It Reply

Good post from Anthony on a FB forum.

“I think bourgeois Americans are not as conservative as Hoppe assumes that are in some of his writings. Even with today’s dominant social values, most Americans would not want to live by rules as strict and culturally rightwing as he implies would be common.

I heard Hoppe say in a talk once that the drug war would be impossible without a state. Conservatives might support a drug war with socialized costs, but they won’t incur the costs themselves to wage a crusade against this personal activity. I think without a state, social oppression is possible but the costs become much more personalized. For social oppression to thrive without the state requires authoritarian pressures running through the culture. It is possible but exhausting. The more these authoritarian currents are softened through free trade, migrations, social interactions, the internet, the media, and so forth, the harder it is to maintain voluntary authoritarianism of the kind we see some rightwing libertarians advocate. A covenant rule against homosexual activity, for example, is possible in a small community, but has a limit to its enforceability, especially insofar as the other values of a free society thrive in the community.

I predict that if we abolished the state today, there’d be private communities with more conservative social pressures than I would personally favor, and probably even a few that we might consider anarcho-fascist. But I think they would be on the fringe, and they would tend to liberalize over time. If there are covenants that don’t allow gays or whatever, they would be few and far between even in modern conservative America A society as free as it would need to be simply to let go of the state would tend toward authoritarianism breaking down on the local level as well. If the truly oppressive social relations were stubborn in this regard, I and other libertarians would probably agitate for peacefully encouraging a move away from reactionary social norms.