On Counter-Infiltration of Enemy Institutions Reply

Some thoughtful comments from David Heleniak:

I don’t think “our side” should give up on trying a counter-infiltration of the key institutions taken over by the PC Left. Many lawyers, for example, are committed to civil liberties, ye olde English traditions, etc.
They can be allies in someone’s bid to get a significant spot in the American Bar Association. I’m sure I’ve told you that the commission on domestic violence of the ABA is completely controlled by the PC feminists: http://www.mediaradar.org/docs/RADARreport-Myths-of-ABA-Commission-on-DV-Summary.pdf A coup attempt for that ABA section might be in order, or for some other key position, from which the DV section can be discredited and marginalized. Another area is the Catholic Church. There’s been some infiltration by the PC left, but it is not complete by any means. It probably is a waste of time to try to take over the mainline Methodist church, but with the Catholics you have the natural law tradition, an anti-government streak which I observed while in Catholic high school, splinter groups like Tom Woods and the Latin Mass crowd, homeschoolers. This is off the top of my head–there are other reasons too I think the Catholic Church is promising.

Imagine the Pope making a speech in which he denounces Cultural Marxism, or the family courts, or local dioceses’ support of local battered women’s shelters (this is common, in part because battered women’s shelters superficially seem like a good cause). That would set some gears in motion for sure. Of course, “our side” should join Mens Rights organizations. Check out the main writer at Spearhead’s story:


I really do believe that when middle to upper-middle class men get
screwed by the State and their illusions of a just State are shattered,
they can cause the State more problems than screwed over members of the underclass, who (1) are used to getting screwed over, so don’t get as outraged by the treatment of the PC State; (2) tend to be dumb; and (3) have few resources.

On the issue of the masses, there’s a group that are between contented masses and the enlightened few, and they are the conspiracy Alex Jones types. One thing I’ve noticed, and this was pointed out at Lew Rockwell’s blog, is that these guys have a naive faith in the rule of law. They think the State is a demon that can be controlled by magical incantations. If only they can chant the right spell, the State will be compelled to do their bidding. E.g., some tax avoiders really think that with the right legal argument argument, the State, as manifested in the form of a tax judge, will see the light and agree they don’t have to pay taxes (wait, that sounds like me with my challenges of the DV system). Some birthers think that if they can just prove Obama wasn’t born in Hawaii, he’ll have to be removed from office (fat chance). Anyway, these guys, also as pointed out at Lew Rockwell’s site, are despite their flaws closer to our brand of enlightenment than is the typical sheeple.

Getting back to your article on legal theory, I’m guessing you probably
have this, but if not, be sure to get Paul Craig Robert’s The Tyranny of
Good Intentions.
On your efforts to discredit democracy, a book I’ve been leafing through that looks promising–not dead on, mind you–is The Trouble With Democracy, by William Gairdner.

Some Points to Consider 4

Here are some points we need to be thinking about:

-Past partisan cycles indicate that the Democratic Party will be the dominant political party for the next few decades.

-Research on public opinion regarding controversial issues along with prevailing cultural, demographic, economic, and generational trends indicates that the Left will be the winning side in the “culture war” conflict.

-Past times in American history where the gap between socio-economic classes has been extremely wide have been followed by subsequent periods of intensified class struggle resulting in a new settlement and altering of relations between the social classes. Therefore, given the present economic situation, class issues should soon enough surpass culture war issues as the dominant conflict in American society.

-Major conflicts in American society are usually played out within the context of the dominant party, e.g. the civil rights conflict within the Democratic Party during the 1950s and 60s. That means conflict over class issues should emerge not only within the wider society but especially within the Democratic Party at some point in the future.

I’m not a historical determinist, and any number of variables could alter these trends or cycles. But this seems to be as good a model as any to base future predictions on, so long as the model remains flexible and subject to modification or re-evaluation. The question: What does this mean for the future of alternative anarchism?

Interesting Reading 1

Jesse Walker on Angelo Codevilla’s The Ruling Class as well as its weakness.

Christians, Tell Me How I’m Wrong by James Leroy Wilson

Police Secrecy by Radley Balko

Against the Current Court System by Francois Tremblay

An Ultra-Left Case Against the Civil Rights Act of 1964 by Charles Johnson

Amusement Parks and Private Property by Stacy Litz

The Growing Pains of the Mexican Drug War by Gavin McInnes

We Need a Revolution, Not a Movement by Chuck Baldwin

The Nazification of the United States by Paul Craig Roberts

Gay Marriage: Who Cares? by Jim Goad

Netherlands to Close Prisons, Not Enough Criminals Reply

Let’s bring Holland to America.

For years prohibitionists, including our own Drug Enforcement Administration, have claimed — falsely — that the tolerant marijuana policies of the Netherlands have made that nation a nest of crime and drug abuse. They may have trouble wrapping their little brains around this:

The Dutch government is getting ready to close eight prisons because they don’t have enough criminals to fill them. Officials attribute the shortage of prisoners to a declining crime rate.

Just for fun, let’s compare the Netherlands to California. With a population of 16.6 million, the Dutch prison population is about 12,000. With its population of 36.7 million, California should have a bit more than double the Dutch prison population. California’s actual prison population is 171,000.

So, whose drug policies are keeping the streets safer?

The True Costs of the War Reply

Paul Craig Roberts shines once again.

Do Americans see the irony in the “saving Iraq from tyranny” excuse? The greatest price of the neoconservative war against Iraq is not the $3 trillion or the dead and maimed American soldiers and their broken families. The greatest price of this evil war is the destruction of the U.S. Constitution and American civil liberties.

The Bush/Cheney/Obama National Security State has eviscerated the Constitution and civil liberty. Nothing remains. The fascist Republican Federalist Society has put enough federal judges in the judiciary to rule that the president is above the law. The president doesn’t have to obey the law against spying on American citizens without warrants. The president doesn’t have to obey U.S. and international laws against torture. The president doesn’t have to obey the Constitution that mandates that only Congress can declare war. The president can do whatever he wants as long as he justifies it as “national security.”

The president’s part of the government, the unaccountable executive branch, is supreme. The president can announce, without being impeached, his decision to murder Americans abroad and at home if someone somewhere in the unaccountable executive branch regards such American citizens as “threats.”

Murder first. No accountability later.

I generally consider so-called “right-wing conservatism” to be a dead force in American politics. I suspect Iraq and Afghanistan will be American imperialism’s last great hurrahs. Americans clearly will not accept war if it involves any genuine sacrifices on their side such as high casualites, a direct war tax, the draft, rationing, etc. The U.S. has not fought a war of that kind since Vietnam. America’s imploding economy and mounting fiscal liabilities for entitlements and public debt will render future military adventures like Iraq cost prohibitive. It’s also obvious enough that in domestic American politics social conservatism is a dead dog as well. Organized religion continues to lose its influence, and the old WASP culture continues to disappear. Even the US prison population declined in 2009 for the first time in four decades. There’s also evidence the war on drugs is starting to very slowly recede with initiatives like the marijuana decriminalization referendum in California. Clearly, American culture is now more liberal than ever before with regard to virtually every issue including race, religion, cultural values, sexuality, the environment, and just about everything else. The greatest danger to liberty in the future will not come from reactionary theocratic Christians or right-wing racial supremacists (contrary to what the left-hysterics claims) or even ordinary conservatives, but from the rising forces of totalitarian humanism, the overlords of the managerial-therapuetic state, and the massive police state apparatus and authoritarian legal structures that have been created under the guise of the wars on drugs, crime, and terrorism. It is this apparatus that the totalitarian humanists will inherit and use to advance their own preferred form of tyranny. Thanks a lot for leaving us such a legacy, conservatives. May you all rot in Hell.

The Economy Keeps Going Down Reply

Some good economic analysis.

Check out this article on class analysis in particular.

The economic decline is going to be a permanent state of affairs. There’s not going to be any “recovery.” Look for some serious class struggle politics to emerge in the future, and look for it to come from the dissident forces on the Right (no, not the Tea Party idiots, who are basically the older, more right-wing faction of the upper middle class that is on it’s way out politically, culturally, and economically).

Class War 2

Another home run from Scott Locklin.

As an opening foray into social class as right wing concept, I offer a tentative battle plan. The job of the alternative right, as I see it, is to destroy the present upper middle class, and eventually replace it with something better. I’m not advocating feeding them to the wood chipper, though I’m only opposed to that idea on logistical and hygienic grounds. Destroying a social class is a lot easier than it sounds. The counterculture did this to the old upper middle class, and replaced it with … themselves.

Damn! This could be Bakunin or even Marx speaking in the 1860s. The real class enemy is not the inherited aristocracy, but the liberal bourgeoisie upper middle class (e.g. the New Class and David Brooks’ “bourgeois bohemians). This is what I’ve been saying for the last fifteen years. It’s the so-called “radical right” that understands this nowadays, which is why I’ve more or less moved into their camp despite my background and previous associations. The plutocracy proper is not numerous enough to subjugate the entire society all by their lonesome. They require their army of corporate stooges, managerial bureaucrats and, I might add, police, courts, and prisons. I suspect some of these paleoconservative guys would be disturbed to know just how close they are to being full-on classical anarchists.

Radical Tradition: Philosophy, Metapolitics & Revolution in the Twenty-First Century 1

A new title that Troy Southgate has coming out soon through New Zealand’s Primordial Traditions.

This book includes articles on Heidegger, cultural pessimism, Schopenhauer, conservative revolution, Trotskyism and Western art, alternative businesses, Murnau’s ‘Nosferatu’, national identity, Nietzsche and nihilism, Sufism, human rights and Christian anarchism. Contributors include:
  • TOMISLAV SUNIC – History and Decadence: Spengler’s Cultural Pessimism Today
  • JONATHAN BOWDEN – A Polyp Devours Its Feed, Paracelsus Unzipped: An Analysis of F.W. Murnau’s Film, Nosferatu
  • TROY SOUTHGATE – Heidegger: The Application of Meaning in An Increasingly Transient World
  • DR. K.R. BOLTON – The Art of Rootless Cosmopolitanism: America’s Offensive Against Civilisation
  • VINCE YNZUNZA – The Manifesto of the Psychedelic Conservative
  • BEN CRAVEN – Are Human Rights a Fiction of Modern, Western Liberal Democracies That Bring Us No Closer to a Shared Ethical Framework?
  • KEITH PRESTON – The Nietzschean Prophecies: Two Hundred Years of Nihilism and the Coming Crisis of Western Civilization
  • TROY SOUTHGATE – Schopenhauer and Suffering: Eternal Pessimist or Prophet for our Times?

Amen to the Iman Reply

Common sense from the Southern Avenger.

Rauf specifically cites “the U.S-led sanction against Iraq [that] led to the death of over half a million Iraqi children” in the 1990s, a death toll confirmed by the United Nations, approved of by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright (who said it was “worth it”) and apparently deemed irrelevant by Hannity. Using math over emotion, the Iraqi death toll due to U.S. sanctions equals about 170 9/11s. Despite Hannity’s outrage, the imam is absolutely right.

Why is the Antiwar Movement Stalled? 9

In two words: the Left, or so says Justin Raimondo.

As long as the organized antiwar movement remains a leftist sandbox, where sectarians get to pontificate – and do little else – it will stay a sideshow. Once we get beyond all that nonsense, however, there are no limits to what we can do: just look at the polls. The American people are with us – and they’re ready to join us in our fight. Indeed, they’ve never been readier. The question is: are we ready to receive them, and lead them?