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The anti-Southern vote in Virginia

Southern Nationalist Network Ken Cuccinelli won the vast majority of Virginia but lost Black urban centres, the DC suburbs and areas with large numbers of immigrants A recent article in The Washington Post by Luz Lazo and Debbi Wilgorn makes the point that Third World immigrants in Virginia […]

Who Are These Losers?

American Renaissance The origins of Anti-Racist Action. Many readers of American Renaissance are aware of “anti-racist” activist networks, but very little has been written about them. These networks are the most militant proponents of political correctness and are ideologically very much with the grain of mainstream social trends. […]

The Secret History of Guns

The Atlantic The Ku Klux Klan, Ronald Reagan, and, for most of its history, the NRA all worked to control guns. The Founding Fathers? They required gun ownership—and regulated it. And no group has more fiercely advocated the right to bear loaded weapons in public than the Black […]

Is the Drug War Toast?

By Anthony Gregory Public opinion now decisively favors legalizing marijuana. Fifty-eight percent of Americans want the war on pot to stop. Once marijuana is legal, the drug war as we know it will need a new life breathed into it to survive. Pot accounts for the vast majority […]

Neo-Nazi’s and racist skin heads of Reddit what changed your mind? When and why did you leave?

An interesting discussion. Read the whole thing here. —————————————————————————————————- Before you joined KKK/Nazi’s and racist skin heads what was your view on Jews, Blacks, Mixed race people and Hispanic people. Where you exposed to their culture? How much has being a member effected? I’m a little bit younger […]

It Gets Worse for the GOP

W. James Antle III Lightspring / Initially, the American people’s verdict on the government shutdown appeared to be “a pox on both their houses.” Republicans received plurality blame, but Barack Obama, Harry Reid, and both major parties took something of a hit in the early polls.

The Rise of the New New Left

Peter Beinhart Maybe Bill de Blasio got lucky. Maybe he only won because he cut a sweet ad featuring his biracial son. Or because his rivals were either spectacularly boring, spectacularly pathological, or running for Michael Bloomberg’s fourth term. But I don’t think so. The deeper you look, […]

Is Red State America Seceding?

By Pat Buchanan In the last decade of the 20th century, as the Soviet Empire disintegrated so, too, did that prison house of nations, the USSR. Out of the decomposing carcass came Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova, all in Europe; Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in […]

The tea party is giving anarchism a bad name

Washington Post (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)  OPINION | In a recent impassioned speech, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren used the word “anarchy” repeatedly to describe the tea party’s role in the ongoing government shutdown. So did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said on the Senate floor that […]

Online Drug Market Silk Road Shut Down

Authorities have arrested Ross Ulbricht of San Francisco and charged him with running the Silk Road, an online market place for anonymously buying and selling drugs. The site was hosted on Tor, the anonymity network that is thought to be immune to government regulation. In a unsealed criminal […]