Month: August 2017

Debate: Revolutionary Left vs. Revolutionary Right

This is what civilized discourse between intelligent people looks like. I actually agree with most of what both debaters said. Maupin is more or less arguing for democratic socialism, and Invictus seems to be a moderately conservative, classical liberal. Neither one seems that radical to me. ———————————————————————— A […]

What It Means To Be Alt-Right

It would appear from the contents of this manifesto that the Alt-Right has gone full National Socialist, which means that the Alt-Right is finished as potential prototype for a serious opposition movement from the Right in the United States. The Alt-Right may well thrive as a right-wing counterpart […]

An Alt Right Update

Because a few hundred people having an Un-PC theme party in the park threatens civilization, says antifa intellectual Matthew Lyons of the (ironically named) Ford Foundation-supported Political Research Associates. While I agree with much of this analysis, particularly points 2, 3, and 4 (with 1 being plausible and […]

Eating Three “Cucks” for Breakfast?

I find myself having many of the same criticisms of the Alt-Right that Ernst Junger had of the Nazis. “He also found Nazi ideology to be intellectually shallow, many of the Nazi movement’s leaders to be talentless and was displeased by the vulgarity,  crassly opportunistic and overly theatrical […]

Beyond the Matrix – Keith Preston – Political Bipolarism & Duality of Man

Published on Aug 9, 2017…… –This airing we have Keith Preston once again joining us. Keith is the chief editor of and the host of the “Attack the System” online podcast series. He is the founder and director of American Revolutionary Vanguard, […]

How to Run a Successful Gun Shop

  Owning and running a successful gun shop involves a lot more than first meets the eye. With many legal requirements and laws that need to be followed to attracting and keeping local customers, you need to know what you’re doing before you go jumping in head first. […]