Month: August 2017

Has the “Alt-Right” Met Its Gettysburg?

Poor Spencer Sunshine need not have worried. The Alt-Right ended up self-destructing largely on its own initiative. When I became involved in the Alt-Right during its initial phase, it was a high brow neo-Nietzschean movement influenced by European conservatives such as Ernst Junger, Carl Schmitt, and Alain De […]

The Alt-Right Is Not Who You Think They Are

This is relatively consistent with my own observations of the Alt-Right. By George Hawley The American Conservative In tweets following the violent white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, former President Barack Obama quoted words from Nelson Mandela’s autobiography: “No one is born hating another person because of the […]

Former ‘Antifa’ Speaks Out

An interesting interview with a former Antifa turned (regrettably) Trump voter. This is a must listen. The solution to the problems of anarchism is not to embrace Trump, but to build a better quality anarchist movement (i.e. one that is purged of Antifa and SJW influences). Some of […]

Ungovernable, Thank God

I am inclined to agree with this author’s assessment of the present state of the American political system. Within the context of the existing US state system, it is probably a good thing that the political class is fragmented into a polarized partisan divide. It is probably good […]

Neocons Are Upset With Me

This is an important piece by Paul Gottfried which points out that the fragmentation that is growing the United States is not primarily about race, something that both leftists and white nationalists are constantly missing. Every bit of evidence shows that the political and class divides are wider […]

The White Right Rises

My prediction is that in the not so distant future there will no longer be a distinctive “American” national identity other than pop culture, fast food, and speaking English with a North American accent. I’m quite sure that present efforts to remove monuments to figures like the Confederate […]

My Fear: The Cannibalizing of Libertarians and Progressives by Fanatics Due to Government Ineptitude

Some excellent commentary. Published on Aug 14, 2017 If you don’t call out the fringe left with the same fervor that you do the fringe right, they will both grow rapidly and begin cannibalizing those they most easily absorb. Support me on Patreon:… Or Hatreon: Twitter: […]

The Rise of the Violent Left

Relevant observations from a Facebook commentor: Say whatever else you want about antifa, they’re outlook on combat strategy and their tactics are more suited for socially softer places, like Europe. If this stuff keeps up they are going to get mowed down and slaughtered by the police state, […]

Who Was Really at Fault in Charlottesville?

By Conrad Black Almost everything about the Charlottesville riot was disgraceful except the conduct of the president. The move to take down the statue of General Robert E. Lee was nonsense. Lee has few rivals as the greatest general in American history (Grant, Sherman, MacArthur, and Eisenhower perhaps). […]