Month: December 2015

Keith Preston: US aid to Israel ‘continues unabated’ under Obama

Press TV. Listen here: “Israel continues to be by far the largest recipient of American foreign aid, American military aid and American weapons,” says Preston. US military and foreign assistance to Israel has “continued unabated” under President Barack Obama, despite disagreements on a number of issues, says […]

The GOP in the Desert

This looks to be an interesting book. In the past I have attempted to outline fairly meticulously calculated strategies concerning how to go about forming a constituency or coalition for the pan-anarchist, pan-secessionist, and pan-decentralist ideas we promote at ATS. However, given the growing fractiousness of US politics […]

Keith Preston: US police brutality is not about black people or homicide

This headline is a bit goofy and misleading, but I actually cover a lot of important ground in the audio interview. Press TV. Listen here: Police brutality in the United States is not necessarily about “homicide” committed by American cops or even “racial disparity” but has deeper […]

Robert Stark interviews Sean Gabb

Listen Here! Sean Gabb is the director of the Libertarian Alliance in the UK Topics include: The objectives of the Libertarian Alliance The divide between establishment libertarians and traditionalist leaning libertarians How there were originally laws against the publication of pornography under the Obscene Publications Act but there were no laws about possession How today […]

The New Anarchist Movement is Growing

In recent years, I have noticed that the number of people accepting the label of “anarchist” for their political identity has grown considerably. Equally important is that I have also noticed that an increasing number of people who identify as anarchists are beginning to reject the leftist fanaticism […]

Quote of the Day

From an article on “Anti-Fascist News” called “Why We Fight: What is the Real Threat of Fascist Organizing?” It sounds like they almost get it. “The far right has staked much of its claims to the left’s demise on things like political correctness, personal anecdotes of bigotry disconnected […]

Opinion You’re Going To Hate: Women Aren’t Oppressed, They’re Actually The Most Protected Class In Our Society

Thought Catalog t truly is amazing how things have “progressed” in this day and age. For all of the advancements in science, technology, medicine, and various other things, it seems when it comes to the social foray, things have degenerated quite significantly. There is more hypersensitivity about…well…pretty much […]

Towards a New Civil Liberties Union

About a year ago, I published a piece calling for the creation of a coalition against consensual crime laws, which have long been a pet peeve of Libertarians. I was thinking of this earlier when a social media friend made the following observation concerning Libertarians: No one will […]

The Death of France

A piece by Colin Liddell from 2012 on the growth of the National Front in France. I have a cautiously qualified sympathy for the National Front, and I consider them to be among the most left-wing of any European political party with any kind of influence. The FN […]

Anarcho-Communism vs. Individualist-Anarchism

This is an interesting critique of Kevin Carson’s individualist-anarchism/mutualism by former Trotskyist turned anarcho-communist Wayne Price. Carson’s reply to Price’s review can be found here. By Wayne Price Anarkismo.Net This is a review of Kevin Carson’s “Studies in Mutualist Political Economy”. Carson seeks to revive individualist anarchist economic […]

The strange death of the antiwar movement

This really nails it. World Socialist Website After over 14 years of unending US wars of aggression waged in the name of fighting terrorism, humanitarian intervention and promoting “democracy,” the threat posed to mankind by the eruption of American militarism has never been so acute. In Syria, Washington […]