Month: March 2015

A Middle East Holocaust

Dr. Roberts should rightfully be the executive figurehead of the Pan-Secessionist Meta-Party. By Paul Craig Roberts Foundations and corporations do not support truth-tellers. American foundations underwrite war and US imperialism. Foundations support subversion of countries that are not Washington’s puppet states. Your website has no foundation support, no […]

Coming Home

By William T. Hathaway (Warning: This one is not for the easily offended.) RADICAL PEACE is a collection of reports from antiwar activists, the true stories of their efforts to change our warrior culture. In this chapter a mother tells of her son’s return from combat. She wishes […]

Where Are the “Markets Suck” Libertarians?

This post certainly raises some interesting theoretical questions By Jason Brennan Bleeding Heart Libertarians Some libertarians claim that the good consequences of markets and private property form part of the moral justification of these institutions. However, others endorse absolutist or near absolutist deontological political philosophies. They hold that by following […]

An Interview with William S. Lind

There are some good nuggets in this. Listen to the interview at Traditional Right. As an anarchist, I am sometimes asked why I am interested in the work of “right-wing reactionaries” such as Lind, an unreconstructed Hapsburg monarchist. First of all, it’s not a terrible idea to be […]

Twilight of the Right

I first read Alan Pell Crawford’s Thunder on the Right in the late 1980s, and to this day I continue to think he is one of the very best critics of so-called “movement conservatism.” I have certainly spent more time in recent years criticizing the Left rather than […]

Yes, There Really Is A City With No Cops!

There are many such prototypes for anarchistic, voluntarist, or self-determined communities all over the world: Marinaleda, Christiania, Twin Oaks, Mondragon, Orania, Emilia-Romagna, and many others. Anarchists do not need to invent other-worldly utopias. We just need to expand the models that we already have. Two, three many Marinaleda’s!!!!! […]

The Utopia of Rules

Kevin Carson reviews David Graeber. By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society David Graeber. The Utopia of Rules: On Technology, Stupidity, and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy (Brooklyn and London: Melville House, 2015). This book is, properly speaking, not a book at all, but a collection of […]

Listen, Mutualist!

A libertarian municipalist response to Kevin Carson. By Hagbard Celine33 Post Scarcity Economics This is a response essay to Kevin Carson’s essay in response to libertarian municipalism. Here is a link to Kevin Carson’s essay so you can see what I am responding to. I wrote this essay […]

Jump out of the pot!

By William T. Hathaway “I’m getting hot,” croaked the frog as he floated in a pot of water from which steam was beginning to rise. “Me too,” croaked the other frog as she paddled listlessly. “This water used to be warm. Now it’s too hot.” “Oh well…nothing we […]

Listen Libertarian Municipalist!

By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society Murray Bookchin. The Next Revolution: Popular Assemblies & the Promise of Direct Democracy. Foreword by Ursula K. Le Guin (New York and London: Verso, 2015). This book is a collection of Bookchin’s essays on libertarian municipalism and communalism, extending from […]

Sean Gabb interviewed by Tom Woods

Fantastic interview! Sean Gabb, director of the Libertarian Alliance, discusses what he calls the myth of Margaret Thatcher, plus much more. Subscribe to the Tom Woods Show:…

The Growing Axis of Dissent

This is a conversation between Abby Martin of Russia Today and Tyler Ventura that discusses some of the growing axis of dissent that I referred to in the previous post. The question is whether or not this growing axis of dissent will eventually replace the reactionary right and […]