Month: March 2015

Let’s Talk a Little Treason

By Kevin Carson Center for a Stateless Society I normally associate terms like “treason” and “sedition” with right-wing know-nothings like the American Legion. So it’s eye-rollingly painful, in cases like the letter to Iran from Tom Cotton and 47 other Republican senators, to hear self-described progressives seize on […]

The Limitations of Right-Libertarianism

An interesting discussion of right-libertarianism by the late Jonathan Bowden and Richard Spencer. Leftists will be happy to know that as an actual hard rightist, Bowden places conventional libertarianism firmly on the right arguing that it’s to the right of even fascism on economic issues. It’s interesting to […]

Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Narcissism

Robert Stark interviews Luke Ford about Narcissism Topics include: How Luke was diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder(from Luke’s Bio) Maladaptive Daydreaming and the Fantasy World How Luke’s Sexual Fantasy’s were mostly about power How Narcissist are dependent on constant attention or narcissistic supply How Narcissism affects Luke’s blogging and […]