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QE3: The Beginning Of The End

By Russell D. Longcore Dump DC The Federal Reserve flushed the toilet Thursday…and by extension Washington and the US economy are beginning to pick up speed as they circle the drain. Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke announced Thursday September 13th that the Fed would be buying $40 Billion […]

‘This American Life’ Completes Documentation Of Liberal, Upper-Middle-Class Existence

This is funny. — CHICAGO—Producers of the long-running Chicago Public Radio program This American Life announced Monday that they have completed their comprehensive 12-year survey of life as a modern upper-middle-class American. In what cultural anthropologists are calling a “colossal achievement” in the study of white-collar professionals, […]

Mauritius: A Glimmer of African Freedom

From Whilst “diversity” in itself is not a “strength”, it certainly needn’t be a weakness. According to Wikipedia: Mauritius has a heterogeneous cultural mix. The island has received over the years a very eclectic immigration from Indian, African, European and Chinese incomers. This had produced a syncretism […]

Where have our warriors gone?

From AI/AN ATS by Vince Rinehart William Lind, in his article Gangs of Aleppo shares with us some insights into the conflict in Syria and what is fueling the violence. One of the characteristics shared by most disintegrating states is a vast surplus of young men who have […]

After the Welfare State

By Matt Zwolinski The welfare state is a relatively recent historical phenomenon. How did individuals and societies meet the needs of the poor before its emergence? And how might they deal with those needs in the future, if the welfare state should fall? Those questions are explored in […]

In case if you forget who Democrats serve..

Kevin Carson has written an insightful piece on Obama’s new war on 3-D printers, and the threat they pose to a faux scarcity corporate economy.   The attempt to stale creative destruction, one of the few useful forces within a capitalist economy, is not in the interest of the […]

Statistical Fallacio

Goad grapples with lies, damn lies, and statistics at  TakiMag. ___________________ The email challenge came like a squirrel defiantly placing an acorn on its shoulder and daring me to knock it off: “respond to this damn article.” The damn article was from Forbes, and I’ll be damned if […]

Bristol launches local currency As Britain loses faith in its banks and feels shockwaves from the euro crisis, one city is trying to keep local wealth in local pockets with the launch of its own currency. Businesses can pay local taxes in Bristol pounds and the council has offered its 17,000 […]

Henry George, The First Progressive

The Daily Kos Henry George(1839 – 1897) is a progressive hero that has been largely forgotten by time.  In his heyday, he was one of the most famous living Americans in the World.  Surpassed by only Thomas Edison and Mark Twain.  His most famous book was translated into […]

The CFTC Silver Investigation

By Theodore Butler There has been an explosion of interest and commentary these past few days as a result of a front page story in Monday’s edition of the influential Financial Times (of London). The story stated that the CFTC was set to drop its four year investigation […]

The US is ruled by a private oligarchy

By Paul Craig Roberts The bumper sticker on the beat-up pickup truck read: “Friends don’t let friends vote Democrat.” The driver was obviously not affluent. Yet, despite all the news about mega-trillion dollar bankster bailouts, mega-million dollar bonuses for financial crooks, and unimaginable compensation packages for corporate CEOs […]

The Importance of Proudhon

By Shawn Wilbur Anarchists can be touchy about any sort of authority, so we are frequently at pains to say that we are not followers of any particular leader or historical figure. That’s good. Among other things, the historical figures we’re most likely to follow were almost all […]

Paths to Liberation

By Anna Morgenstern What if they built a factory and no one came? A lot of people in the broader anarchist movement seem to focus more on goals or endpoints and ignore or underemphasize the means to achieving them. This is understandable, in that statists are constantly challenging […]

In the Long Run, Is the GOP Dead?

By Pat Buchanan Since 1928, only Dwight Eisenhower and George W. Bush have won the presidency while capturing both houses of Congress for the GOP. In his 49-state landslide, Richard Nixon failed to take either House. In his two landslides, Ronald Reagan won back only the Senate. Yet […]

The Longest Con

By Anna Morgenstern The simplest way to put it is that they’re all a bunch of crooks. The bankers are the chief con-men. They print up (so to speak) a bunch of fake money out of thin air. I can do that too, but no one is going […]

Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

By Anna Morgenstern Those of us who mistrust the evolution of our current politico-economic system, often look toward dystopian novels to portray a warning glimpse of where we are headed. The two most common examples are 1984 by George Orwell or Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. While there certainly are elements […]

The Keynesian Sexual Marketplace

Interesting description of the current sexual marketplace as an artificial market. All those guys you know who screw a lot of women are Omega’s exploiting a niche produced by feminism and urban anonymity. In a tribal society these sort of guys would be killed or expelled by an alliance of alphas and betas; if they could manage to get laid in the first place….