Trump’s inaccurate assertion of ‘total’ authority sparks challenge from governors Reply

One of the best things about Trump is that he presents the state as it ought to be presented. When he speaks, he sounds like a mafia boss ordering a hit, which is exactly how the state ought to be portrayed. The chattering class/wine and cheese crowd crapola about Trump bringing a lack of dignity to the presidency is dead wrong. The state is the mafia writ large. The Trump administration somewhat resembles what a John Gotti administration might have been like. Refreshing.

By Seung Min Kim, Josh Dawsey, and Brady Dennis

President Trump’s inaccurate assertion that he has “total” authority to reopen a nation shuttered by the coronavirus is igniting a fresh challenge from governors scrambling to manage their states and highlighting a Republican Party reluctant to defy a president who has relished pushing the boundaries of executive power.

The president’s claim, first conveyed in a tweet Monday morning and underscored at a White House news conference and subsequent social media posts, caught his aides off guard and prompted them to study whether Trump would have such authority in a time of emergency like the ongoing pandemic.


Video Shows McDonald’s Banning Black People In China, Social Justice Activists IGNORING China 3

Theoretically, both Russia and China (the Eastern wings of the International Five Families) are societies that meet most of the characteristics of what Westerners think of as “fascism.” Both exhibit chauvinistic nationalism, authoritarian statism, “crony capitalism,” wide class divisions, patriarchy, racism, xenophobia, and Islamophobia. Neither one is particularly eco-friendly nor is either one especially enamored of Pride Marches.

The neoliberals who own the Democratic Party (Soros, Inc.) love China because they love access to cheap prison and/or serf labor. The New Class urbanites love cheap Chinese electronic consumer products. And the “Left” loves China because they are non-Caucasians and theoretically practice socialism or communism (actually, they are something closer to Confucians or Legalists within the context of Chinese traditions).

The right-wing plutocrats who own the Republican Party (Adelson, Inc.) hate China because China’s state-owned industries are competitors to their own industries. The post-bourgeois proletarian constituents of the Republicans hate the Chinese because they regard Western capitalist access to Chinese labor as a threat to their class interests. And the nationalist Republicans hate the Chinese as seemingly exotic aliens.

The neoliberals hate Russia because Russia is a nationalistic regime that functions as the primary military and political obstacle to the neoliberals’ dream of a unipolar world order run by the American Empire under the cover of transnational institutions like the United Nations. The New Class urbanites and the “Left” hate the Russians because they are a conservative, traditional, Caucasian, Christian society that resists Western liberalism. And it is precisely for this reason that many on the far-right are increasingly enamored with Russia.

Of course, the neocons (like Bill Kristol) and their allies (like John Bolton) combine all of these hatreds into one in their fervor to wage war on the entire world at the same time (as even Trump acknowledged).

Biden, Media’s PATHETIC Hillary Defense Against Devastating Trump Ad Reply

Historically, whenever societies have experienced either an economic downturn or an epidemic of a disease, people have started looking for scapegoats to blame for the problem. In ancient societies, a literal human sacrifice might result. Right now, the US is experiencing both an economic downturn and an epidemic. Trump’s well-established anti-Chinese rhetoric provides him with the perfect opportunity to utilize Sinophobia as a political vehicle. Already anti-Chinese sentiment is rising.

“The Chinese gave us coronavirus!” “The Chinese were building a bioweapon!” “The Chinese stole our surgical masks!” “The Chinese lied about the number of coronavirus victims!” “The Chinese stole our jobs!” “The Chinese destroyed our economy!”

Whether any of this is true or not is beside the point if people think and act as if it is true. Already, harassment and even hate crimes against Asian-Americans are increasing (which is intensified by the fact that many Americans don’t know the difference between Chinese, Koreans, Japanese, Vietnamese, etc.)

All of this now provides Trump with the opportunity to present himself as the “anti-China” candidate while slamming Biden as a Chinese puppet (ironically, the same way liberal and left opinion have slammed Trump as a Russian puppet over the past few years).

The Russian puppet vs. the Chinese puppet in 2020.

Saagar Enjeti blasts the media’s coverage of the Trump campaign ad that calls out Biden as being far too soft on the Chinese regime.

Will Pandemic Finally Unleash the American Populist Revolution? Reply

I don’t really agree with the “silent majority” victimology or right-wing ressentiment found in a lot of “populist-right” circles, but this article is a pretty good summary of the state of political affairs in the US today.

By Robert Merry

The American Conservative

We know what kind of threat the coronavirus poses to the health of America and the world. We know it will ravage the global economy and unleash widespread financial hardship. We are seeing the social disruption it creates and can discern prospects for much higher levels of disruption in the future.

What we have perhaps not sufficiently contemplated is COVID-19’s capacity to upend the political status quo in America. This kind of scourge often generates political turmoil, and turmoil often unravels the status quo of a society or polity. This is particularly true when the status quo already is under severe strain, as the American status quo has been for years.

What is the American status quo? It is the nation and its perceived global mission crafted after the end of the Cold War by America’s newly emergent meritocratic elite. In international relations, the fundamental tenets of this vision were the intrinsic virtue of America’s “benign” hegemony, globalism, free trade, a commitment to spreading democracy around the world, and an abiding faith in the country’s ability to salve the hurts and wounds of humanity.

In domestic terms, the status quo has been characterized by relatively porous borders, the financialization of the U.S. economy, deindustrialization, anti-nationalism, a liberal political hegemony on social and cultural issues enforced through political correctness, and an oligarchy of bigness–Wall Street’s big finance, Washington’s big government, big corporations throughout the country, big labor representing increasingly well-off public employees, and self-aggrandizing state and local governments.


Chicago 1969: When Black Panthers aligned with Confederate-flag-wielding, working-class whites Reply

This what the revolutionary left looked like in the US before the Left was co-opted by neoliberal stooges and/or overrun by SJW/Antifa dumbasses.

By Colette Gaiter

The Conversation

In the 2016 presidential election, Donald Trump won the white vote across all demographics except for college-educated white women. He did especially well among working class white voters: 67 percent of whites without a college degree voted for him.

Some post-election analysis marveled at how the white working class could vote against its own interests by supporting a billionaire businessman who is likely to support policies that cut taxes for the rich and weaken the country’s social safety net. Since the New Deal, the Democratic Party has been seen as the party of working people, while Republicans were considered the party of the elites. Donald Trump was able to flip this narrative to his advantage. Election 2016 balkanized issues and made it seem impossible to work on racism, sexism, poverty and economic issues all at once. A core question moving forward for social justice advocates and the Democratic Party is how they can move beyond identity politics and attract working-class voters of all races, building stronger coalitions among disparate groups.


Trump Lashes Out at Fauci Amid Criticism of Slow Virus Response 1

I’m not a fan of carnival barker Trump, and I don’t especially trust High Priest of the white coat priesthood Fauci, but it looks like the media, which is overwhelming neoliberal/Democratic (except for the recycled know-nothings at FOX) is trying to drive a wedge between Trump and Fauci, probably because Fauci is relatively popular with the public, and the press sees this as an angle to exploit in order to score points against Orange Man and the Deplorables and get Dementia Man elected president.

WASHINGTON — President Trump publicly signaled his frustration on Sunday with Dr. Anthony S. Fauci, the federal government’s top infectious disease expert, after the doctor said more lives could have been saved from the coronavirus if the country had been shut down earlier.

Mr. Trump reposted a Twitter message that said “Time to #FireFauci” as he rejected criticism of his slow initial response to the pandemic that has now killed more than 22,000 people in the United States. The president privately has been irritated at times with Dr. Fauci, but the Twitter post was the most explicit he has been in letting that show publicly.

The message Mr. Trump retweeted came from a former Republican congressional candidate. “Fauci is now saying that had Trump listened to the medical experts earlier he could’ve saved more lives,” said the tweet by DeAnna Lorraine, who got less than 2 percent of the vote in an open primary against Speaker Nancy Pelosi last month. “Fauci was telling people on February 29th that there was nothing to worry about and it posed no threat to the US at large. Time to #Fire Fauci.”

In reposting the message, Mr. Trump added: “Sorry Fake News, it’s all on tape. I banned China long before people spoke up.”


Fear and Loathing in Coronaville Volume 4: Insanity is a Virtue in a Mad World 1

Check out Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

As I scrawl the sloppy copy for my latest manifesto on a window pane between my thoughts on string theory and Kevin Bacon’s connection to 9/11 (Madoff made him do it!), I am sincerely struck by America’s latest outpouring of affection for the pathologically eccentric. We may be on the veranda of a new black death but it has never been a better time to be mad in America. Not only is the evening news waxing hysterical and joining the angrier voices in my head like a Henry Rollins gospel ensemble, but every corporate huckster from Viacom to Disney apparently wants to be alone with me (I’ll be Daria if you play Snow White).

Even before this country was strapped down into the straitjacket of corona pandemonia, a movement to normalize and destigmatize the scarlet letter of mental illness in mainstream America was well underway. Finally, it’s OK to be nuts! Fuck, it’s downright sexy. But this brings to mind a question that has long haunted me. What exactly is mental illness in this age of post-modern collapse and synergistic corporate hysteria? What does it mean to be crazy in such a sick sad world?


These Are the Conditions in Which Revolution Becomes Thinkable Reply

Twenty years ago, I was arguing that the anti-globalization/anarchist left should cultivate the anti-globalist right as its natural allies, and that the cultural differences between the two were largely irrelevant because of those, you know, classic anarchist principles of anti-statism, free association, decentralization, federalism, etc. I continued making the same argument all through the Bush and Obama years. My efforts were denounced as “fascist” while the Left embraced pathological rightwingophobia instead. Now, we have Trump, the tossed aside Sandernistas, and neoliberal bootlicking “progressives” instead.


In a few months, Covid-19 has remade our political horizons entirely.

History moves slowly, then all at once. The coronavirus crisis has catapulted us into the latter rhythm. The pace of events has accelerated sharply; the course of events has become impossible to predict. In retrospect, 2020 may end up being a 1968 or a 1917: a year of leaps and ruptures, and a dividing line between one era and the next.

How might we characterize the new era? It’s difficult to draw definitive conclusions about a period that is in the earliest phases of its formation. Still, even in fast-moving moments, it’s possible to work up a preliminary sketch. For such a sketch to be useful, though, it must capture, albeit in rough strokes, the sharpness of the break and the newness of the situation produced by it. As Stuart Hall wrote:


Joe Rogan Wanted Bernie, Now He Prefers Biden Lose Reply

Kulinski correctly points out that Sanders’ is as popular as he is not because of his supposed “hard left” fans, but because of his appeal to independents, swing voters even disaffected Trumpians. Populism and radical centrism are to the left of neoliberalism. Predictably, I’ve heard some from the SJW/Antifa crowd denounce Joe Rogan as a “fascist.”

What are Krystal & Saagar’s ‘Quarantine Houses?’ Reply

This is a somewhat interesting discussion even if it is still within the paradigm of lame-ass reformism. The four basic pillars of an authentic revolutionary movement in the US would be a) anti-imperialism and solidarity with global self-determination movements; b) solidarity with all enemies of the state; c) populist economics from anti-state perspective and d) free association and self-determination for all cultural “tribes.”

This week on #RisingQs hosts Krystal Ball and Saagar Enjeti answer Rising fans’ questions on what social issues populist Democrats should concede to populist Republicans in the name building of economic solidarity, what unique provisions they’d add to a national coronavirus relief plan, and the ‘Quarantine House’ meme.

Red and Blue America Agree That Now Is the Time to Violate the Constitution Reply

The warring tribes finally found something they can agree on: Medical martial law.

The Atlantic

Countries are taking extraordinary measures to slow the COVID-19 pandemic. Many of these measures limit individual freedom and may also violate rights guaranteed by national constitutions. Italy’s complete lockdown, enforced by criminal penalties, probably violates its constitution. Norwegian lawmakers have proposed an emergency law that temporarily gives the government unprecedented power to override the constitution and national laws to thwart the virus. Meanwhile, without consulting the Israeli Parliament, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu enacted emergency regulations allowing for stunning surveillance power to combat the virus. Never one to waste a good crisis, Hungary’s Viktor Orbán will likely be able to rule by decree for the foreseeable future.

The United States now faces this same dilemma: To what extent should the Constitution be violated to fight the coronavirus? Lockdowns, especially ones that apply to people who haven’t tested positive for the virus, are constitutionally questionable. The threat by the leaders of Newark, New Jersey, to prosecute residents who spread false information about the virus—if carried out—could violate the First Amendment. Some people in California have challenged the city of San Jose’s authority to force a gun shop to close, citing their right to arm themselves. Perhaps most alarming, the U.S. Department of Justice “has quietly asked Congress for the ability to ask chief judges to detain people indefinitely without trial during emergencies.”


Nathan Robinson explains his feud with Vox on why the left doesn’t owe Biden anything Reply

A key difference between the populist/progressive/social-democratic left and the populist-right is that the populist-right represents cultural, demographic, generational, and economic sectors that are in a state of decline, shrinking in size, and have been losing power for decades. Ultimately, “right-winginess” is a failed strategy for this reason.

For 20 years, I’ve been writing articles pointing out the inadequacy of the right as far as mounting a real challenge to the ruling class (see here, here, here, here, and here). The legacy of the postwar conservative movement (the Buckley-Goldwater-Reagan axis) has been to simply be overrun and co-opted by the neocons while serving as useful idiots for the military-industrial complex, right-wing of the plutocracy (old monied elites and the Sunbelt industries) and right-wing Zionism (AIPAC). While there have certainly been serious right-wing intellectuals like Sam Francis who have recognized this and favored replacing “conservatism” with right-wing populism, the demographic problem remains. The best hope for the right would be to help develop a libertarian-left that at least recognizes the right of non-leftists to exist.

But what is remarkable about the populist/progressive/social-democratic left is that all of the major demographic (the growing size of minority populations), cultural (the entrenchment of the 1960s cultural revolution), generational (younger people lean much further left than older people), and economic (class divisions on the Great Depression level) trends are moving in their favor, and yet they still manage to fuck it up.

On a general level, I’d argue that the US Left has four basic currents: the “Vote Blue No Matter Who” neoliberal cock-sucking left, the honest social-democratic left (Jimmie Dore, Krystal Ball, Kyle Kulinski, Jill Stein, Margaret Kimberley, David Pakman, Chris Hedges, Jacobin), the gutter-retard left (the SJW/Antifa axis), and the actual Commie left (Caleb Maupin, Jason Unruhe, PSL, WWP, IAC, RCP, etc).

I’d argue that ATS actually represents the furthest left tendency in US politics, i.e. revolutionary anarchism that completely rejects the state, electoralism, the Democratic Party, the neoliberal class, the New Class, the SJW/Antifa paradigm, and the Leninist vanguard party/revolutionary dictatorship concept in favor of the overthrow of governments, ruling classes, and empires everywhere, with the concept of “pan-secessionism” essentially being an anarchist version of the “popular front” strategy pushed by the Stalinists of yesteryear, but with a specifically anti-statist and decentralist orientation that allows for a breakdown of barriers between left, right, and center, and allows for the creation of an authentic “anarcho-populism.”

The problem with the left/right hybrid populism that Krystal and Saager favor (aside from its non-revolutionary, semi-establishmentarian reformism) is its statism. US politics at present amounts to different cultural tribes trying to gain control of the state apparatus, which is why virtually all of the tribes regard rival tribes rather than the actual ruling class as the “main enemy” (much to the delight of the ruling class). The pan-anarchist alternative is self-determination for all tribes, from junkies, hookers, polygamists,  and gangbangers to snake handlers, faith healers, militiamen, and sovereign citizens, and everything in between.


Bernie campaign aide cites Tucker Carlson, admits they were too soft on Joe Biden Reply

What’s most amazing is that after the Democraps conspired to cheat Sanders out of the nomination, the Bernie partisans seem to have rolled over and taken it. I have long argued that a serious left-wing movement in the US would need to a) recognize the neoliberal establishment is the primary enemy b) get over the pathological “right-wingophobia” c) shift its focus from cultural politics to economics and foreign policy and d) abandon its attachment to the Democratic Party

Today’s America: No place for its founders? Reply

Paul Gottfried provides a pretty good overview of US political history at the beginning of this. I don’t entirely agree with Halsey English’s paleonconnish/paleolibertarianish interpretation of US political history, but he’s correct with his observation that the traditional US republic is largely moving toward integration as province into a UN/EU-like global system.

One of the ruling class’s greatest achievements has been its ability to completely co-opt the “cultural revolution” that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s (by giving the American civil religion a new multicultural gloss) while not only preserving but strengthening capitalist class rule, strengthening the state, and expanding the empire.

Trump Tells Truth About Bernie Dropping That Democrats Won’t Reply

If “progressives” had any backbone at all, they would either boycott the upcoming election or vote for one of the minor parties after the Democraps conspired to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination, and allowing themselves to be “out-lefted” by Trump on the class issues.

But they won’t because they’re more motivated by unreasoning hatred for Orange Man and the Deplorables than they are by hatred of the ruling class. The Left’s pathological right-wingophobia and fixation on cultural politics are its Achilles Heel.