Britney Spears calls for wealth redistribution, general strike on Instagram Reply

I’ve often thought that one of the best things that could happen for pan-anarchism would be for prominent celebrities to come out and endorse the ATS philosophy. Have we found our leader? Celebrities are the closest thing to royalty we have in the US. Celebrity endorsements are consequently a means to “revolution from the top,” at least metaphorically.  A general strike in favor of debt stoppage is something that all radicals ought to be able to agree on: socialists, anarchists, libertarians (fuck the banksters, right?), Tucker Carlson conservatives, Sanders/AOC progressives, etc.

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Brittney Spears.

Britney Spears seemingly called for the redistribution of wealth and a general strike on Monday, “regramming” a post written by Instagram user Mimi Zhu. “During this time of isolation, we need connection now more than ever,” the text shared by Spears said, going on to describe how “we will learn to kiss and hold each other through the waves of the web. We will feed each other, redistribute wealth, strike. We will understand our own importance from the places we must stay.”

The “Work B—h” singer captioned the post by quoting the text’s penultimate line — “communion [moves] beyond walls” — and adding three emoji roses, a symbol commonly used by the Democratic Socialists of America.

“Queen of [the] proletariat,” cheered on one fan in the comments. Jeva Lange


Spit On, Yelled At, Attacked: Chinese-Americans Fear for Their Safety Reply

As usual, some people want to be stupid during a time of crisis. This is like the aftermath of 9-11, when dumbasses would attack Sikhs whom they mistook for Muslims because they wear turbans.

By Sabrina Tavernise and Richard J. Oppel Jr.

New York Times

a person standing in front of a building: Yuanyuan Zhu said a middle-aged man started shouting at her while she was walking to her gym and then spit at her as she waited to cross the street.

Yuanyuan Zhu was walking to her gym in San Francisco on March 9, thinking the workout could be her last for a while, when she noticed that a man was shouting at her. He was yelling an expletive about China. Then a bus passed, she recalled, and he screamed after it, “Run them over.”

She tried to keep her distance, but when the light changed, she was stuck waiting with him at the crosswalk. She could feel him staring at her. And then, suddenly, she felt it: his saliva hitting her face and her favorite sweater.


Fear and Loathing in Coronaville Volume 1: Dispatches From a Terrified Heartland Reply

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Being a certifiable agoraphobic basket case, you would think someone like me would be almost preternaturally suited for the stone blind isolation of fever fucked pandamania. And you would be completely fucking wrong. I spent six years in self imposed isolation as a twenty-something shut in. I spent another six desperately clawing my way out of that hole and slowly building what has only just begun to resemble a life, and in less than six days, covid-19 has torn this intricately constructed matrix of groups, volunteer jobs and therapy down to the ground and reduced me to the shambled debris of ground zero. I’m a little bit pissed, but mostly I’m just fucking scared. If I’m going to write about something like this, I’m going to write about it with the naked ferocity that defines my writing. A strange, vaguely haunted cobweb of Gonzo muckraking and navel gazing confessionals that I’ve come to refer to as Emo-Gonzo. I am the genderfucked bastard bitch of Hunter Thompson and Sylvia Plath, humped together in the dizzy oven of some bored press junket cafeteria, and today, this is my story. George Romero eat your heart out.


Why are Millennials and Zoomers going socialist? Reply

I have long argued that in the future the domestic politics of the US will increasingly resemble those of the European Union, with neoliberals solidly representing the right, social democrats representing the left, and a comparatively small but loud right-wing populist tendency. Every cultural, demographic, generational, and partisan trend indicates this. It’s an exaggeration (a big one) to claim Millennials are “going socialist.” They’re going progressive liberal/social democratic (which probably puts them slightly to the left of Eisenhower on economics). We’re seeing that emerge now with the social democrats vs neoliberals rivalry in the Democrapic Party, and the Repugnicans embracing faux populism for the sake of their own survival. Some of the widest class divisions in the US are in the deep red zones, which is why Tom Cotton (Zionist Stooge-Arkansas), Mitch McConnell (All Purposes Scumbag-Kentucky), and Mitt Romney (Plutocratic Corporatist-Utah) are now suddenly joining the Yang Gang during a time of economic crisis.

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Tulsi Explains Decision To Support Biden Reply

For those who are disappointed by Tulsi’s decision to back Sleepy Joe, I’d say never expect but so much from maverick politicians. Their sole function is to simply move the Overton Window by pushing ideas from the margins further into the mainstream discourse. Of course, Tulsi is ultimately going to endorse whomever the Democrapic candidate turns out to be. So did Yang. So will Bernie “My Friend Joe” Sanders eventually. Electing do-gooders is not how you fight the state. Elections are simply coronation ceremonies and public rituals that affirm pre-exising policy decisions. If a do-gooder is elected to something, that means the battle has already been won, and electoral results are simply a symbolic reflection of a victory that has already been achieved.

Our favorite media screw-ups: Jonathan Chait admits he was wrong about Tulsi Gabbard Reply

“Rising” is by far the best media program of anything that functions within the context of the mainstream media. Whatever its other limitations, the “non-partisan” left/right Sanders/Carlson populist-statist reformism of Krystal and Saager is interesting and refreshing compared to the National Enquirer-level nonsense at FOX and MSNBC.

What Bernie's Campaign Did Right & Wrong Reply

I generally agree with Kulinski’s analysis of how Sanders was eventually overrun by Biden. But I think there are two things Kyle is missing. First, Bernie’s “welfare and wokeness” coalition is just not as popular as Kyle would like for it to be. Yes, it’s popular among Kyle’s left-leaning Millennials. But it’s not popular among culturally cosmopolitan but economically centrist or conservative suburban Democrats, rural white union members who like guns and dislike immigrants, or older African-Americans who like civil rights but dislike gays and atheists. The other thing is that Kyle underestimates the ruthlessness and discipline of the Democrapic Party leadership when it comes to imposing party and ideological discipline. Biden overran Sanders when the party’s leadership and benefactors told the other “moderates” and co-optable “progressives” to step down and essentially give their voters to Biden (or, in the case of Lizzie the Scamster, to assume an obstructionist role in order to continue to deflect votes away from Bernie).

Leviathan and Its Enemies: Mass Organization and Managerial Power in Twentieth-Century America Reply

For those looking for an interesting book to read during the shutdown, I would suggest Sam Francis’ “Leviathan and Its Enemies.” It’s long (around 750 pages) but it’s the best modern work that I know of explaining how the modern American political and economic system actually works. Francis was a staunch paleoconservative (who flirted with white nationalism), and so plenty of leftists, libertarians, and anarchists will probably want to dismiss his ideas, much to their loss. But this work, written in the 1990s, and posthumously published only a few years ago, is a must-read for someone who wants to understand the dynamics of class conflict within the framework of American institutional structures. This book is basically right-wing Marxism, and Francis explains why both the 1960s New Left and the 1980s New Right failed to overturn the rule of the managerial elite that came to power in the US in the 20th century, replacing the classical 19th-century bourgeoisie in the process. His own preference was for Buchananite right-wing populism of the kind we’re seeing implicitly rising today with figures like Trump and Tucker Carlson (which I am sure will fail as well due to the shrinking demographics of its constituency). You don’t have to agree with Francis’ underlying philosophy or ideological preferences to benefit from the historical and institutional analysis he provides. The book is available from Amazon. The only other scholarly writer I know of who discusses these topics in-depth is Joel Kotkin.

Leviathan and Its Enemies: Mass Organization and Managerial Power in Twentieth-Century America by [Francis, Samuel T]

Leviathan and Its Enemies* is Samuel T. Francis’s magnum opus on political theory and the history of the modern world, which had been lost to the world after his untimely death in 2005 and is published here for the first time. This edition includes new introductory and critical essays by Jerry Woodruff, Fran Griffin, and Paul E. Gottfried. In his Introduction, Jerry Woodruff writes, “Following [James] Burnham, Sam believed a new ruling elite emerged in 20th-century. . . . the growth of giant corporations, the expansion of government power and bureaucracy, and the widespread emergence of mass organizations gave birth to a powerful class of skilled professionals to guide and manage the vast operations of the means of economic production, which, on a smaller scale, were once in the hands of private entrepreneurs and their families. As a result, the old ruling bourgeois elite, along with its political and social institutions and its view of society and politics, were replaced by a new “managerial elite,” with a world outlook that set out to remake society according to its own interests, and which was hostile to any bourgeois remnants in conflict with that project.

Martial Law in California Reply

The Land of Neo-Feudalism is predictably the first in line for Neo-Fascism.

Note: The Sacramento Bee and McClatchy news sites have lifted the paywall on this developing story, providing critical information to readers. To support vital reporting such as this, please consider a digital subscription.

Stay at home.

That legal order from California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Thursday instructed the state’s 40 million residents to only go out for essential reasons and to maintain social distance from others when doing so, the latest and most-sweeping action taken in an urgent effort to slow the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.

Newsom’s order came as more than a dozen counties including Sacramento and most of the Bay Area, making up close to 10 million Californians, had already instituted legal stay-at-home or “shelter-in-place” mandates within county jurisdictions. Sacramento County leaders did so Thursday morning.
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Saagar Enjeti: Pelosi, Biden, Kamala BETRAY workers while GOP fills in the gaps Reply

For decades, I have thought that as the Republicans’ demographic base continues to shrink, and as the WASP working to middle classes continued to decline socioeconomically, that the GOP would reinvent itself (at least rhetorically) as a right-wing populist party (which would mean moving to the left of neoliberals on economic issues and becoming more like France’s National Front, for example). I have also predicted that neoliberal Democrats would essentially become the ruling class party, and face an insurgency from the left as well. We’ve already gotten a taste of that, of course, but the coronavirus crisis seems to be dramatically escalating the process. The Republicans have now shifted to the left of the DNC/neoliberals on class issues. Biden, Pelosi, etc. are the “new conservatives.”