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Keith Preston

Weekly News Update July 23, 2013

News of the Week Weekly News Update July 23, 2013 July 28, 2013 Keith Preston reviews recent articles that indicate ARV-ATS ideas are now moving into the mainstream. Topics include: Chris Hedges’ admission that the liberal class is a failure and has abandoned the poor in favor of […]

The Growth of Black Anarchism

Attack the System The Growth of Black Anarchism July 28, 2013 ATS senior editors Miles Joyner and Keith Preston discuss anarchist influences on radical tendencies in black communities. Topics include: The reaction of the black community to the Zimmerman verdict. The obscuring of the Bradley Manning trial by […]

Why They Hate Rand Paul

By Justin Raimondo The rise of Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) as an alternative to Bush era GOP dead-enders has the two principal anti-libertarian factions in American politics snarling and spitting in fury – and real fear. The progressives – in the drivers’ seat at the moment – are […]

Homosexuality, Hoppe, and Time Preferences

An interesting article by a gay libertarian on the alleged “homophobia” of Han Hermann-Hoppe By Ludwig Von As a gay person who considers himself a right-wing libertarian, the “problem” of time preferences among gays (as mentioned by Hans Hermann-Hoppe) has come up a few times, enough for it […]

How We Got Warrior Cops

Radley Balko is interviewed by Lucy Steigerwald High-profile police response to terrorism threats – as in the case of the Boston bombing – grab headlines, but it wasn’t the paranoias of our post-9/11 world that made cops often indistinguishable from an army. It started earlier. It started with […]

George Zimmerman found not guilty

USA Today George Zimmerman, the man accused of murdering Trayvon Martin, was found not guilty of second-degree murder and manslaughter Saturday night. The verdict is the culmination of a case that captured the nation’s attention and will undoubtedly be imprinted in America’s history. For Zimmerman, it means trying […]

2016: Another Bush in the White House?

Washington Times Earlier this year, Jeb Bush told ABC that both his father George H.W. Bush, and brother George W. recommended he run for president in 2016. Mama Barbara Bush is not keen on the idea, declaring in April that “the nation’s probably had enough Bushes.” But in […]

A Salute to Edward Snowden

By Stephen Walt Every year on the Fourth of July I sit down and read the Declaration of Independence. It’s a habit I got into some years ago, but I take a peculiar pleasure in reading through the founding principles of the American Revolution, archaic language and all. […]

Daring to Speak the Unspeakable

“In crime the egoist has hitherto asserted himself and mocked at the sacred; the break with the sacred, or rather of the sacred, may become general. A revolution never returns, but an immense, reckless, shameless, conscienceless, proud—crime, doesn’t it rumble in the distant thunder, and don’t you see […]

Blue State Fascism

By Justin Raimondo Amid all the drama over Edward Snowden‘s flight from “justice” – the media stakeout at a Moscow airport, the smear campaign aimed not only at Snowden but at Glenn Greenwald, the reporter who broke the PRISM/eavesdropping story, and the obsessive media focus on Snowden as […]

I Never Meant to be a Feminist

By Wendy McElroy A twenty-year old version of myself would laugh at anyone who suggested I would become a feminist. I was a libertarian verging on anarchism, and I thought feminism contradicted one of my core beliefs. Namely, every individual has an equal and identical claim to their […]