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Keith Preston

OJ Simpson Planning to Become Televangelist

Christian Post Disgraced American football legend and retired actor O.J. Simpson is reportedly planning to become a televangelist after his release from a five year prison term some time this Christmas. The troubled star’s manager Norman Pardo told The Enquirer that Simpson found God in prison and has been […]

Book-burning; it’s back

John Kersey Didn’t we go through all this business of why we shouldn’t ban books fifty years ago, with Lady Chatterley? It seems that we need to revisit the issue, for the past fortnight has seen some rather disturbing suggestions that would amount to a return to literary […]

The Rise of the New New Left

Peter Beinhart Maybe Bill de Blasio got lucky. Maybe he only won because he cut a sweet ad featuring his biracial son. Or because his rivals were either spectacularly boring, spectacularly pathological, or running for Michael Bloomberg’s fourth term. But I don’t think so. The deeper you look, […]

Like Something Out of North Korea

Michelle Malkin Earlier this year, at the B. Bernice Young Elementary School in Burlington Township, N.J., schoolchildren were instructed to memorize a paean to Barack Obama. A video uploaded to the YouTube account of Charisse Carney-Nunes, author of the children’s book “I Am Barack Obama” and a self-described […]

The Next 30 Years of American Politics

Attack the System The Next 30 Years of American Politics October 13, 2013 Keith Preston discusses how American political culture will likely develop over the next few decades. Topics include: Why the American Empire will continue to implode due to loss of legitimacy and fiscal constraints. Why American […]

Is Red State America Seceding?

By Pat Buchanan In the last decade of the 20th century, as the Soviet Empire disintegrated so, too, did that prison house of nations, the USSR. Out of the decomposing carcass came Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Moldova, all in Europe; Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan in […]

The tea party is giving anarchism a bad name

Washington Post (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images)  OPINION | In a recent impassioned speech, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren used the word “anarchy” repeatedly to describe the tea party’s role in the ongoing government shutdown. So did Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who said on the Senate floor that […]

The True State of the U.S. Economy

By Mike Whitney “Slumping asset prices show a recession is probably on its way. … Stocks tend to fall more frequently and further than property values, so they are better recession-predictors.” – IMF research paper by economists John C. Bluedorn, Joerg Decressin and Marco E. Terrones. The fact that […]

The World According to ARV-ATS

Attack the System The World According to ARV-ATS September 29, 2013 Keith Preston discusses contemporary events from the perspective of the ARV-ATS philosophy and strategy. Topics include: How Putin’s upstaging of Obama over Syria indicates the American state’s loss of legitimacy. The possibility of a bloc of “rogue […]

Football Player Slaughtered by PIGS

Huffington Post A 911 call shortly before Jonathan Ferrell’s death could help prove that North Carolina police officers knew he was unarmed before opening fire, a lawyer for his family says. “[Ferrell] made no threatening comments. It was clearly apparent he had no weapons,” attorney Chris Chestnut told […]