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Keith Preston

The Prescient Proudhon

“Let us seek together, if you wish, the laws of society, the manner in which these laws are realized, the process by which we shall succeed in discovering them; but, for God’s sake, after having demolished all the a priori dogmatisms, do not let us in our turn […]

The Lies Behind This War

By Justin Raimondo Kerry & Co are amateurs: the neocons were much better at making stuff up The American people are “war-weary,” we are told, and that’s the only reason they’re overwhelmingly opposed to bombing Syria: this bit of conventional wisdom is invoked by warmongers and peaceniks alike, […]

The Neocons in a Nutshell

Larry Gambone had the neocons figured out in this article from 2003. By Larry Gambone DEMOCRACY There is much braying about “democracy” in the neocon press. The reality is however, that this ideology is founded upon   the idea of restricting democracy and not increasing it. Samuel Huntington’s statement […]

Neocons Are Back—But Not in the GOP

I have long suspected the neoconservatives would move leftward as the GOP’s electoral fortunes declined. As they are in the process of being eclipsed by the liberal internationalist/cultural Marxist alliance, they’re looking towards the Democrats and saying, “Hey, wait for us!” By Kelley Vlahos After years of what […]

Quote of the Day

The essence of what American Revolutionary Vanguard-Attack the System is all about: ““But try as much as you like, you can’t ignore the big one—Leviathan—the central state. Eventually it must be tackled head on and this can only be done by a nation-wide mass movement.This does not mean […]

Are the Poor Getting Poorer?

Not so fast, says Walter Williams. People who want more government income redistribution programs often sell their agenda with the lament, “The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer,” but how about some evidence and you decide? I think the rich are getting richer, and […]

What is “Fascism”?

This is an interesting discussion of what the intellectual foundations of fascism actually are from Matthew Lyons’ blog. For those who don’t know, Lyons is very critical of ARV-ATS but this is good stuff. I’m sure our linking to a far left anti-fascist site will also increase accusations […]

Congress Should Veto Obama’s War

By Pat Buchanan “Congress doesn’t have a whole lot of core responsibilities,” said Barack Obama last week in an astonishing remark. For in the Constitution, Congress appears as the first branch of government. And among its enumerated powers are the power to tax, coin money, create courts, provide […]

Hans Blix: Obama is the New Bush

Tell us something we don’t know. By John Glaser Over at the Christian Science Monitor, Nathan Gardels interviews Hans Blix, chief UN arms inspector for Iraq from 2000-2003 and former head of the IAEA, on the Obama administration’s plan for bombing Syria. Blix, of course, has some experience dealing with American plans for […]

Kill All Neocons Now!

Article by Kelley B. Vlahos In most Hollywood horror franchises we know that the villains – take your Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, or your rakish Freddy Krueger – always come back. No matter what painful death or injury felled them in the previous romp, an endless string of […]

The Neocon March on Damascas

By Jacob Heilbrunn Here we go again. As Americans prepare to march on Washington, Washington is preparing to march on Damascus. As part of the buildup to war, a chorus of liberal hawks and neoconservatives has issued a new manifesto in—where else?—the Weekly Standard calling upon President Obama […]

War with Syria Looms

By Jason Ditz Officials familiar with the situation say that Britain and the United States have “finalized” their plans for an attack on Syria, and will begin lobbing missiles at the country within a matter of days. If US officials had their druthers, it appears the strikes would […]

Rothbard and the Libertarian Populists

By David D’Amato Recent weeks have seen much speculation by pundits about the nature of “libertarian populism.” For those who regard all of libertarianism as an ideological whitewash for plutocracy, libertarian populism is clearly a matter of pulling the wool over the eyes of the common man. To […]

Detroit’s Anarcho-Progressive Homesteaded Community

By Karen De Coster This is a fascinating video about a progressive-anarcho “grassroots movement” community in Detroit near 7 Mile and Woodward, called Fireweed Universal City. The “about” page reads: Fireweed Universe-City is a grassroots, not-for-profit movement to transform a devastated, burned-out Detroit city neighborhood into a sustainable, eco-friendly, intentional […]

Restore the United States’ human rights record and grant clemency to Pvt. Bradley Manning!

Sign the Petition. The prosecution of Bradley Manning starkly contrasts to the US govt’s repeated failure to deliver justice for serious human rights violations committed during counter-terror operations of the past decade. Manning, who released classified information exposing potential breaches of international humanitarian law by US forces, was […]