Month: June 2022

Trudeau Moves To BAN Handguns

In Canada, to get a handgun, you must have a restricted firearms license. This also requires mandatory training and a security / background check. They also perform a RCMP (Federal Law Enforcement) check every time you purchase a handgun. It is very difficult to get a handgun in […]

Rising: June 1, 2022 Full Show

Finance reporter for The Hill, Sylvan Lane, joins the hosts to discuss President Biden’s plan to address inflation. Briahna Joy Gray hopes the left and right can have an honest conversation about gun culture in America, in the wake of the tragedies that have happened this month. Editor-in-chief […]

Daily News: June 1, 2022 The Week

Should news outlets publish photos of gun violence victims? Harold Maass What went wrong in the police response to the Uvalde shooting Catherine Garcia Bracing for an ‘above-average’ hurricane season Brigid Kennedy U.S. to send Ukraine advanced rocket systems, Biden confirms Catherine Garcia Uvalde school police chief not responding to investigators Brendan Morrow […]