Month: December 2019

Federalism in Proudhon and Ostrom

By David S. D’Amato Libertarianism.Org When people, libertarians included, think of federalism, chances are good that they do not think of Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. More likely, they think of the The Federalist and its authors, and of the Constitution and its particular federalist structure. Federalism scholar S. Rufus Davis […]

Alan Moore: Anarcho-Marxist?

Alan Moorey, who recently announced his intention of abandoning the common anarchist practice of non-voting in order to vote for Jeremy Corbyn, was photographed some years ago wearing a hammer and sickle T-shirt. Like a lot of anarchists with leftist leanings, Moore seems to be a Marxist at […]

Why Racists and SJWs Are Wrong

Recently, in the main N-AM group someone asked this question: “Is race “real”, or a social construct? What does science and biology show? If real then are the White Nationalists correct in their views? If a social construct then are the Anti-racist SJW types correct?” This was my […]

Will Anarchism Always Fail?

Styx/Tarl is an excellent commentator on many levels but he gets a lot of stuff wrong in this. Although many anarchists portray anarchism in the worst possible light, so it’s not surprising there are so many misconceptions about the philosophy. As everyone probably knows, I’m anarchist, although I […]

Anarchist hero Murray Bookchin was a Zionist who whitewashed Israeli colonialism and war crimes

Bt Murray Bookchin is something of a saint in the anarchist community. His ideas on social ecology and what he termed “libertarian municipalism” and “communalism” have influenced generations of self-declared leftists, and he was frequently cited as an ideological force behind the anti-globalization and Occupy Wall Street movements. […]

Voting- Right or Privilege?

By Libertarian Heathen There is no right to vote, universal sufferage was the fatal blow to the Republic, and its elimination the quickest way to save America. The United States of America is a Republic, and it was founded by men who hated Democracy with a passion, recognizing […]