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Autonomous Cars Patrol Israeli Border Douglas Main The Guardium MK I, one of the autonomous vehicles made by the Israeli company G-NIUS. CREDIT: G-NIUS Introduced in 2008, about eight to 10 autonomous cars have been patrolling Israeli borders, said Hugo Guterman, a researcher at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. Guterman helped develop […]

A Woman’s Work? Behind a Gun

(Previously posted at Mere Anti-Statism) Two days ago, the Stateside military lifted its ban on females assuming combat roles. According to The Guardian, Pentagon Defence Secretary (and civilian-assassination-endorsing piece-of-shit) Leon Panetta, together with Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Martin Dempsey, scribbled away the 1994 prohibition […]

Happy Holidays; now go buy some crap!

As Jack Donovan said: National armies are mobilized to protect global business interests from disruption. They aren’t protecting you from invasion….. American troops are keeping the supply lines running, so that you can keep buying shit. So this holiday season, make sure that our boys in the military […]

When Supply Lines Go Down

by R.J. Jacob

Hurricane Sandy serves as yet another example of how federal, state and local government entities including the military are utterly dependent upon US infrastructure and a vibrant local economy to coordinate supply routes to major cities in times of catastrophic disaster.

Even with practiced and prepared FEMA centers, the Red Cross, the National Guard, and other emergency

Joe Rogan Interviews Amber Lyon

Amber Lyon is a former CNN journalist who exposed widespread censorship at the news agency. Topics include the collaboration between the media, the U.S. government and foreign dictatorships,  the situation in Bahrain, Israel, Iran, NDAA, Wikileaks, whistleblowers, the Anaheim protests, media propaganda, journalism, the police state, false flag […]

To Gain All We Must Risk All: The Imperial German Contribution to 4GW

I’ve come to believe a simple truth. “The Germans of the 20th century did more to advance modern warfare than any other nation (intechnology, administration and tactics) but they just couldn’t win.” (I don’t know that I agree with this, but it may have some validity as a basis of argument. The problem is, the German contributions have focused on the typically Prussian banality and unquestioning obedience to the leadership, rather than intuitiveness and initiation-J.M.) Ask a military historian who the greatest German commander was and you’ll probably hear names like Rommel, or Hindenburg, or Manstein. The trenches of the First World War’s Western Front captured the horror of mechanized slaughter in ways that hadn’t been seen since 1861 (Well, actually, that the world had arguably NEVER seen. The carnage of the War for Southern Independence was certainly devastating to the populace of the USA, it really wasn’t much on the scale of horror when compared to the rest of the world, especially the World Wars–J.M.). Yet, there existed men whose talents and abilities wouldn’t be fully appreciated in their own time.

Which Africans Will Obama Whack Next? by PATRICK BOND Durban, South Africa. Would Barack Obama’s re-election advance African democracy and prosperity? Evidence suggests not, though the alternative in the November 6 election would probably be worse. Obama’s most important important policy speech on Africa, in Ghana in 2009, contained the famous line, “Africa […]

Revealed: Army scientists secretly sprayed St Louis with ‘radioactive’ particles for YEARS to test chemical warfare technology

By Emily Anne Epstein Daily Mail The United States Military conducted top secret experiments on the citizens of St. Louis, Missouri, for years, exposing them to radioactive compounds, a researcher has claimed. While it was known that the government sprayed ‘harmless’ zinc cadmium silfide particles over the general […]

World Backs Iran

From: American Free Press September 18, 2012 By Pete Papaherakles Top officials representing 120 governments—the majority of the world—showed up in Tehran on August 26 to attend the week-long “Non-Aligned Movement” (NAM) summit, where they unanimously voted to support Iran’s nuclear energy program and condemn the American-led attempt […]

Book on Hezbollah Released Authored by Mesbah Mahjoub, a book has been released on the thought patterns of Hezbollah led by Seyed Hassan Nasrollah. IBNA: The book entails issues which have led to the success of the Muslim political party in Lebanon and in the physical and psychological wars it has […]

DARPA’s Pets

“Paging John Connor..” DARPA’s Cheetah Bot Breaks Human, Robot Speed Records By Stephanie Mlot PC MAG The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and Boston Dynamics have unleashed a legged robot that’s even faster than Olympic champion Usain Bolt. The Cheetah recently broke its own land speed record […]

The End of Gasoline Warfare

By John Michael Greer The Archdruid Report Last week’s discussion of American military vulnerabilities touched on one of the major issues that ought to be giving Pentagon officials sleepless nights—but only one of them The military downsides of America’s obsession with high-tech gizmos, in a world where complexity […]

Scott Horton interviews Daniel Ellsberg

Daniel Ellsberg, heroic liberator of the Pentagon Papers and author of the memoir Secrets, discusses the U.S. government’s use of nuclear weapons against Japanese civilians in World War II, the fake “Missile Gap” with the Soviets of the late 50s-early 60s, and the dire consequences for all of humanity from any […]