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Keith Preston

True Radicalism vs Totalitarian Humanism

Rarely do I find a single article that illustrates the immensely sharp and important differences between genuine radicalism and the totalitarian humanist outlook of the Left establishment. But this article by Thaddeus Russell illustrates the difference very clearly. The content of this article illustrates as well as anything […]

Reflections on the Revolution in Egypt

Justin Raimondo summarizes what’s going on there. Jesse Walker offers some thoughts as Reason. Paul Pillar of The National Interest argues that fears of an Islamic fundamentalist seizure of power in Egypt are overblown. David Lindsay at The American Conservative offers a similar analysis. John Glaser weighs in […]

Americans Are Oppressed, Too

Paul Craig Roberts discusses the American police state. Considering the data, one might conclude that the police are a greater danger to the public than are criminals. Indeed, the trauma from police assault can be worse than from assault by criminals. The public thinks the police are there […]

Rothbard Had It Right in 1970

Said Murray Rothbard of what the New Left had become at the end of the 1960s: To contemplate America in the grip of the Weathermen or Women’s Lib is to envision a truly nightmare world. Not only does Dick Nixon shine in comparison; I would venture to predict […]

Anarchy at The American Conservative

Kirkpatrick Sale praises Bakunin and Sheldon Richman discusses “free-market anti-capitalism.” Jesse Walker weighs in at Reason. It’s looks like I was somewhat ahead of my time in suggesting that an appropriate audience for anarchist ideas in 21st century America might be the forces of right-wing populism or small […]

Cultural Enrichment?

This is a hilarious take down of the PC hypocrites. Read the whole thing at Counter-Currents. The main proponents of multiculturalism as a means of enrichment are usually leftist college professors and other pundits. They speak of culture, but the majority of them actually know very little about […]

Lessons of the Iranian Revolution

An ominous example of what happens when a revolution goes awry. Watch it here. Read the timeline of events on Wikipedia. Some of the more obvious lessons of the failed Iranian revolution: 1. a revolution must have intelligent and competent leadership. 2. counter-institutional structures capable of filling a […]

On Occupancy and Use

A discussion of the mutualist/Proudhonian theory of property rights from Shawn Wilbur’s blog. This is actually an issue that I’m personally agnostic on. I think a case can be made for this position (generally) but I have some reservations about it as well, certainly enough reservations to prevent […]

Why Are People Rioting in the Middle East?

Because they’re hungry. See this very good analysis from Richard Spencer. As David Hacket Fischer demonstrated in his monumental work The Great Wave (1996), commodity-price spikes—and related governmental interventions—regularly coincide with political violence and “regime change.” The 18th century, for instance, was an era of higher prices and […]