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Keith Preston

Civic Engagement is for Suckers

Kevin Carson tells why. This reminds me of a conversation I had a while back with a left-liberal, Dissent-magazine type who argued that liberals should be for the draft on the grounds that the draft would result in fewer wars because people wouldn’t support war if their kids […]

Good Liberals for the Therapeutic Police State

Chris George discusses one of liberalism’s greatest hypocrisies. One thing that libertarians, anarchists, radical anti-statists, left-wing civil libertarians, and anti-authoritarians who wish to repeal prohibition laws should always remember is that this automatically puts us in conflict with the proponents of therapeutic-feminist-liberalism. The primary enemies on these issues […]

The Lying Media and the War on Terror

Excellent post from Sheldon Richman. The U.S. media does need formal censorship in order to silence dissident opinion. Because it is part of the wider ruling class apparatus, the media practices self-censorship. See the evidence: Who Owns the Media? The Six Monolithic Corporations That Control Almost Everything We […]

News on the Empire

Obama Can’t Stand Up to His General-And That’s Dangerous by Andrew Bacevich Afghanistan Nine Years On by Chris Sands The New Antiwar Populism by Justin Raimondo The U.S. Edges Closer to Invading Pakistan by Eric Margolis The Real Costs of the Wars by Bob Adelmann First Guantanamo Habeas […]

Karl Marx: Bourgeois Con Man?

Interesting discussion of Marxism by Gary North from a Mises Institute seminar from 1988. I don’t agree with North’s religious determinism any more than I agree with Marx’s and John Stuart Mill’s economic determinism, but North’s critique of Marxism (and Marxists) is rather penetrating. This comparison of Marxist […]

The Geography of the Rural Poor

A study showing where the rural poor are located, including a breakdown along ethnic lines. Unfortunately, the authors offer no solutions other than more welfare statism. One thing I would love to see anarchists and libertarians do is wage a campaign to expose and attack laws and regulations […]

Topics for debate

Chris George recently offered these comments in response to my “Liberty and Populism: Building an Effective Resistance Movement for North America” essay. Chris raises some really good issues here. I’d like to know what others here might have to say on some of these questions. On the whole, […]

Iraq: South Korea in the Middle East?

Interesting article from Scott Ritter. It is in this topsy-turvy world created by political hype and media spin that a president can, with a straight face, announce the withdrawal of American “combat troops” from Iraq, while leaving behind six combat brigades (renamed, but not reorganized) comprising some 50,000 […]