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Anarchy: More or Less Government?

By Will Schnack Evolution of Consent Compared to monarchy, is democracy more or less government? It seems to depend on who is asked. Some will suggest that democracy is less government than monarchy is, because people have the ability to participate directly in the governing process. Others, however, […]

Solid Reasons Not to Vote

By Will Schnack Even if we were to vote, where is the line drawn? We all know that Ralph Nader gave Bush the election, and we know that Bernie and the Greens and Libertarians did the same thing. So, what are we to do? Press that even the […]

Cleaning the Muddied Waters of Anarchy

By Will Schnack Evolution of Consent Ideologies and philosophies that go by the title “anarchism” are wide-ranging in their span. These include mutualists, individualists, collectivists, communists, capitalists, nationalists, primitivists, futurists, and more. It has become something of a common trend for people to come up with the next […]

Mutualism: The Philosophy of Anarchy

By Will Schnack Evolution of Consent This was composed for a speech given to the East Texas Freethinkers on February 18th, 2017 in Tyler, Texas. ____________________________________ Mutualism is an anarchist social philosophy first established in print by Pierre-Joseph Proudhon. While often considered to be the father of mutualism […]