Should NYC’s Wall Street Be Renamed ‘Eric Garner St.? Reply

By Don Fitz

Scenes of sorrow spread across the US.  Football teams apologize.  Cops march with demonstrators.  Democratic Party politicians call for “structural change” in police departments.

Some of these are sincere.  Others are crocodile tears shed in hopes that people will be pacified with assurances that turn out to be vague rhetoric devoid of meaning or else empty promises that will never be fulfilled.  Yet, there are changes that would cost little, could happen quickly, and be reminders to future generations of what happened in 2020.

St. Louis offers a unique opportunity which is being addressed by a coalition of the Universal African Peoples Organization, Green Party of St. Louis, Tauheed Youth Organization and Beloved Streets of America. Delmar Blvd., which spans both the City and County of St. Louis, intersects with Sgt. Mike King Dr.