A Movement For A Viable Third Party, A People’s Party- Nick Bana 3

This is quite interesting. Disaffected Sandernistas are seeking to build a populist-left mass people’s party that crosses over to the populist-right and disaffected Trump voters, and seeks to become a major party by 2024. Kim correctly points out that substantial sectors of the Left will be adamantly opposed to such an effort (“no platform” and all that). They point out that for this to work they need to focus on populist economic concerns and a non-interventionist foreign policy and leave the moral, cultural, identity, etc issues to the side.


Voters want third-party candidates on debate stage Reply

It would be better if third parties would forget about trying to take over the federal government and focus their efforts on projects where they can actually win such as taking over municipal and county governments. The ATS ideas of pan-decentralization, pan-secessionism, and the city-state system provide a framework in which all kinds of third parties could create independent communities for themselves.

Former Pat Buchanan Adviser Prepares Third Party Vessel For Donald Trump Reply

Meanwhile, the neocons are planning a third party strategy of their own.

If either of these two third party schemes were to become a permanent reality, it would essentially render the Red Tribe incapable of gaining a national electoral majority, which would ensure permanent Blue Tribe dominance. However, the Blue Tribe would increasingly be faced with dissension, division, and insurgency within its own ranks. The goal of the Grey Tribe should then be to build a critical mass using the libertarian-populist tripartite strategy that ATS has formulated. The goal is to grow all anti-state and anti-stystem movements everywhere, along with the overarching strategic concept of pan-secessionism, until they collectively become the majority and a consensus develops for pan-decentralization.

By Alex Pfeiffer

Daily Caller

A former Pat Buchanan adviser has launched a petition that threatens to launch a new political movement if the Republican Party fails to nominate Donald Trump.