Newt Gingrich says 2020 is ‘the most important election since Lincoln’ Reply

Newt Gingrich is one of the most loathsome people in modern American political history, but he may be right that the 2020 election increasingly resembles the 1860 election in the sense of the existential questions that are involved. Newt may also be right that the victory of the Democrats may well represent the final nail in the coffin of the traditional right-wing of the ruling class (R.I.P and Rot in Hell) and the victory of the “California model” that he describes (which amounts to neoconservatism in foreign policy, neo-feudalism in economics and totalitarian humanism in social policy).


Hannity: What media get wrong about Charlottesville Reply

Sean Hannity is just a neocon/Zionist/Saudi/Murdoch mouthpiece, but this is an interesting example of the response of the right-wing media to the Alt-Right/Antifa conflict. The right-wing press is usual pretty good at criticizing the left-wing of the establishment (not exactly a difficult undertaking) even if they veer off into the usual “Democrats are the real racists” silliness.