Saudis Drop Air Masks Contaminated with COVID-19 Into Yemen 1

By Randi Nord

Geopolitics Alert

Sana’a (GPA) – The Saudi coalition continues weaponizing disease in Yemen — this time capitalizing on the novel coronavirus — in a disturbing and barbaric fashion. Saudi planes have air dropped suspicious face masks and other supplies potentially contaminated with COVID-19 into some of Yemen’s most vulnerable areas.

Speaking to Geopolitics Alert on Monday, Dr. Yosuf Al-Haidari, official spokesman of Yemen’s Ministry of Public Health, said Saudi planes dropped suspicious packages across Yemen’s impoverished Hodeidah province containing face masks and other supplies. Dr. Al-Haidari called the action “strange” and “unrealistic” due to Riyadh’s history of weaponizing disease and destroying Yemen’s healthcare sector through a five-year blockade.

It’s worth mentioning that Hodeidah province is still an active frontline in the war, facing hundreds of Saudi airstrikes and artillery bombardment every day.

Yemen’s Health Ministry urged residents not to touch the masks due to their potential for containing biological weaponry.

It wouldn’t be out of character for Riyadh to contaminate medical supplies with COVID-19 before distributing them to Yemen’s vulnerable populations. In 2017, Yemen suffered a cholera outbreak globally unprecedented in modern times. Over 2 million were infected as of October 2019 with thousands succumbing to the medieval illness.


Washington Prefers to Continue Its Occupation of Iraq: US Expert 1

TEHRAN (Tasnim) – An American Middle East expert described the recent US attacks on positions of Iraq’s Popular Mobilization Units as a “clear violation” of the Arab country’s sovereignty, adding that Washington prefers to continue its occupation of Iraq.

Washington Prefers to Continue Its Occupation of Iraq: US Expert

“This (the attack on PMU bases) was a clear violation of Iraq’s sovereignty. However, it isn’t surprising because I would never expect the United States to uphold any of its treaties or agreements with other countries. And Washington has no respect for the sovereignty of other countries because they’re currently maintaining illegal military bases in Syria,” Randi Nord told Tasnim.

She added, “Clearly, Washington is willing to put its own allies and even troops at risk to send a message and continue its occupation of Iraq.” 


Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Randi Nord Reply

By Danny Haiphong

Black Agenda Report

Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Randi Nord

Independent Journalist Corner: A Conversation with Randi Nord

“Anti-imperialism to me means supporting nations in their struggle against my government’s violent and exploitative influence.”

This week I spoke with Randi Nord. Nord is a Detroit-based journalist and activist. She is the co-founder of Geopolitics Alert. Her pieces have also appeared in MintPress News. We discussed anti-imperialism and its relevancy to some of the more pressing questions of the period, especially in lieu of the ongoing US-led wars in Syria and Yemen.

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