Biden Exhibits Cognitive Decline During Endorsement Appearance w/Bernie 1

What could possibly be more pathetic? The neoliberal class handpicks a guy who has been a puppet for the banksters for half a century as its anointed candidate. A guy who has a history of being on the wrong side of every important issue for his entire career (drug war, NAFTA, Clinton’s police state, Iraq). A guy who is in such bad mental health that he will probably be a vegetable by the time his term ends, assuming he gets elected. A guy who got the Democrapic nomination because the neoliberal stooges who run Soros, Inc. pushed their kept politicians to conspire to keep Bernie out. Not once, but twice, in 2016 and 2020.

And now Bernie “I don’t want to be Ralph Nader” Sanders, the opportunist, a supposed “socialist,” who knows better, endorses Alzheimer’s Man, because of…..what? “Orange Man Bad?” And how many progressives, left-liberals, social democrats, etc. are falling in line behind this? Because of…what?

This is why, for the last 20 years, I have pointed out that the Left’s pathological right-wingophobia and pathological obsession with “bigotry” or cultural politics is a disaster. This is where it leads. A “left” is that is nothing more than a collection of stooges for the neoliberal ruling class. A “left” that is essentially to “the right of the right” on economics, class politics and anti-imperialism. Nowadays, Tucker Carlson is more “left-wing” than Joe Biden, with even Republican Congressmen and Trump Cabinet members suddenly joining the Yang Gang on the UBI. And as long as the “left” keeps falling in line with the neoliberals/Democrats, then they are essentially to the “right of the right” as well.

Jimmie Dore really nails it in this segment, particularly with his response to Aaron Mate’s “maintain loyal opposition ‘coz the Paris climate thing or whatever” perspective.

Of course, I don’t agree with Jimmie’s “we need a progressive third party of Sweden-wannabes” perspective either. What we need is a REAL revolutionary anarchist movement (not anarcho-Democrats or anarcho-progressives).

Trump Tells Truth About Bernie Dropping That Democrats Won’t Reply

If “progressives” had any backbone at all, they would either boycott the upcoming election or vote for one of the minor parties after the Democraps conspired to prevent Sanders from getting the nomination, and allowing themselves to be “out-lefted” by Trump on the class issues.

But they won’t because they’re more motivated by unreasoning hatred for Orange Man and the Deplorables than they are by hatred of the ruling class. The Left’s pathological right-wingophobia and fixation on cultural politics are its Achilles Heel.

Trump Tells Truth About Bernie Dropping That Democrats Won’t Reply

Jimmie nails it in this.

The Democrats have remarkably allowed themselves to be “out-lefted” by Trump. The neoliberal plutocrats circled their wagons to pull all of their bought candidates out of the primaries in time for them to all throw their weight behind Biden, but left Lizzie the Scamster in as a spoiler to cement Biden’s win. Meanwhile, Sanders sells out to the neoliberals in order to avoid being Ralph Nadered (along with all the other “maverick” Democratic candidates, the Squad, and the rest of the reformists).  To all my readers on the left/progressive side of the spectrum, what more evidence do we need that electoralism is a farce and a fraud?

Bernie Backs Off Medicare For All As Trump Adopts It! WTF? Reply

I don’t know if what Jimmie is saying in this is entirely accurate or not, but if true it confirms what I have been saying, i.e. that the Republicans are very slowly and tepidly moving to the left of the neoliberals on economics due to their strategically necessary faux populism and Trumpian opportunism, with the progressives/social democrats largely serving no purpose other than to suck off the neoliberals.

Trump Is A Symptom Of A Larger Problem Reply

Yes. Since 2016, I have maintained that the real reason Trump won the election was that, rhetorically, he was the most “left-wing” (anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist, anti-power elite) of the two candidates, even if he is personally just a carnival barker and has governed largely as a conventional Republican since taking office.

Why Are Progressives Voting For Ultimate Screwing Of America? Reply

This is a must-watch.  Jimmie Dore and Max Blumenthal describe how the “stimulus bill” is to the economy/class relations what the PATRIOT Act was to civil liberties and what the Gulf of Tonkin resolution was to foreign policy. And the entire spectrum of the political class, from the most liberal Democrats to the most conservative Republicans, have done nothing to stop it. And “progressives” have simply rolled over and played dead.