We Are All White Supremacists Now Reply

A response to the recent smear attack on the H.L. Mencken Club.

By Jack Kerwick

American Greatness

Darren Beattie received his Ph. D. from Duke University in 2016. Almost immediately upon completion of his degree, he signed a one-year contract to be an instructor in Duke’s political science department.

That same year, I met Beattie at a conference in Baltimore, Maryland sponsored by the H. L. Mencken Club. We had both been invited to present papers that spoke, whether directly or indirectly, to the theme of that year’s meeting: “The Right Revisited.”

Because of his appearance at this conference two years ago, Beattie was fired from his position as a policy aide and speechwriter in the Trump Administration.

To hear the leftist media account, Beattie lost his job because the conference that he addressed featured speakers who are proponents of “white nationalism” and “white supremacy.”

From beginning to end, this story is a Big, Obese Lie. It is an unadulterated smear campaign designed to sabotage not Beattie but his former boss, President Trump. Beattie, who was low on the administration’s food chain, was simply another means to this end.

There are several points that the peddlers of fake news, leftist and “conservative,” aren’t interested in hearing.


The Alt Right Among Other Rights 4

This is the text of a lecture I gave to the H.L. Mencken Club on November 4, 2017.

By Keith Preston

Speaking about the intricacies of different ideological tendencies can often be a bit tedious, and certainly a topic like the Alt-Right can get very complicated because there are so many currents that feed into the Alt-Right. I know that when I spoke here last year I was speaking on the right-wing anarchist tradition, which is a highly esoteric tradition, and one that is often very obscure with many undercurrents. The Alt-Right is similar in the sense of having many sub-tendencies that are fairly obscure in their own way, although some of these have become more familiar now that the Alt-Right has grown in fame, or infamy, in the eyes of its opponents. Some of the speakers we have heard at this conference so far have helped to clarify some of the potential definitions of what the Alt-Right actually is, but given the subject of my presentation I thought I might break it down a bit further, and clarify a few major distinctions.

What is the Alt-Right?


Information for the 2016 H.L. Mencken Club Conference Reply


The 9th annual meeting of the H.L. Mencken Club will take place Friday, Nov. 4th through Saturday, Nov. 5th, near Baltimore, Md. The theme of this year’s meeting is “The Right Revisited,” a topic which is particularly timely in putting this year’s unprecedented political events in perspective.

Hotel information and directions will be emailed to you when you register for the conference. We have obtained a special group rate of $92 per night for those who register early. The room rate of $92 per night is limited and offered on a first come, first serve basis, so please register early.

All conference registrations must be received by Oct. 28. No walk-in registrations will be accepted.

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As the leading forum of the independent Right, the Mencken Club offers a home to those who want to discuss a wide range of issues completely free of concerns about political correctness. We are not a Beltway political organization, and we have no connections to either national party. Although most of those who come to our meetings identify, broadly speaking, with the intellectual Right, we welcome serious discussion from all sides of every issue we engage.

Your support today is vital for us to maintain our present efforts. More importantly, it will make our organization better known to the many Americans who are looking for alternatives to the vapid banalities of the Murdoch media empire.

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